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Welcome to, the web’s go-to destination for all things related to condos and/or real estate in Liberty Village, Toronto. Our website provides a comprehensive database listing real estate properties for rent or sale within Liberty Village.

Our site is also a resource for buyers whether first time or experience, providing educational resources including mortgage and affordability calculators, as well as information around home buyer tax credits and land transfer taxes.

Our site was built by industry veterans who wanted to streamline the process of shopping for a condo in Liberty Village. lets you begin the process of buying or selling a home without the immediate need for a Liberty Village real estate agent.

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1030 King W St

700-799 1 1 $ 489,786

125 Western Battery Rd

600-699 1 + 1 2 $ 408,800

215 Fort York Blvd

700-799 2 1 $ 417,000

18 Stafford St

700-799 1 + 1 1 $ 499,900

1 Shaw St

500-599 1 1 $ 325,000

51 East Liberty St

700-799 1 + 1 2 $ 499,900

801 King St W

700-799 1 + 1 1 $ 317,000

1030 King St W

600-699 2 2 $ 505,888

20 Joe Shuster Way

800-899 2 2 $ 399,900

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Recent news

The Importance of A Home Inspection

 June 19, 2016  1:33 pm

If you are in the process of purchasing Liberty Village real estate, many different components must come together before you can move in to your new home. Even after you have found the ideal location, made a deal and secured financing, a professional home inspection must be part of the equation. Some see it as…

About DNA 3 Condo in Liberty Village

 June 14, 2016  4:17 pm

There’s no question that anyone searching for a Liberty Village condo has a lot of exciting addresses to choose from. After all, Liberty Village in Toronto is one of the hippest and trendiest areas in the city, and people from all walks of life like to be part of the scene. There’s nothing quite like…

Land Transfer Tax in Liberty Village

 June 8, 2016  5:49 pm
Subject: Emailing: dreamstime_m_5877877 On 2013-11-11, at 5:51 PM, Van Der Voort, Jane wrote: Dreamstime image for Ask Joe col, Joe Richer, homes & condos, jane vdv   dreamstime_m_5877877.jpg    dreamstime_m_5877877.jpg

It’s easy to get caught up in the trendiness and visual appeal when considering condos in Liberty Village, but there are always details that are part of any real estate transaction. Down payments come to mind, but there is another that a lot of would-be Liberty Village condo owners don’t know about, which is part…

The Real Cost of Real Estate

 June 1, 2016  3:55 pm

The subtitle of this article could be “Price Sticker Shock”. When you sign on the dotted line and agree on a purchase price for your new home, that’s only the start of the dollars you’ll have to part with in order to end up standing safely and comfortably in your newly acquired property. These “hidden”…

Tips for Finding Office Space in Liberty Village

 May 26, 2016  3:26 pm

When you work in an office space within the boundaries of Liberty Village in Toronto, you are placing yourself in one of the most exciting, trendy neighborhoods in the city on a daily basis. Not only is it easy to get to and a great place for networking, but you’ll already be where everyone wants…

How to Choose the Right Toronto Real Estate Agent

 May 22, 2016  3:47 pm

Choosing the right Toronto Real Estate Agent is like hiring a member of staff, though a freelance one for a short-time for a specific task – to sell your home for the highest possible price in a reasonable time period or to represent you as a buyer. Narrow down your choice to a short-list of three…

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