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5 Things You Must Know About Vancouver

5 Things You Must Know About Vancouver

Credit: Paolo Macorig

Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the coolest cities on the face of the earth. It’s known for it’s aromatic coffee scene, the eclectic night life, and for being surrounded by gorgeous islands.

But if you plan on moving to Vancouver, there’s some lesser-known facts that are only really known to the locals.

Here are five things that you should know before you move to help you feel like a local on day one.

Stanley Park: An Environmental Mecca

Vancouver is known for being a haven for outdoor lovers and environmentalists alike, but did you know that the city’s first ever green space is one of the largest urban parks in North America? Stanley Park is 1001-acre’s large and is home to many fun attractions and walking paths, making it perfect for a day out away from the bustle of the city.

It’s Known As “Hollywood North”

The amount of movies and TV shows which have been shot in Vancouver is impressive. Between the government providing tax credits to producers and a favorable exchange rate from the USD to the CAD, it enables producers to film movies here on the cheap. A few notables made here are the tv shows Arrow, The Flash, and The 100. It was also the location for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Everyone Knows About Diamond and Diamond

The Diamond and Diamond Law Firm has been a recent phenomenon in Vancouver. They originally started in Toronto, but now Diamond and Diamond are in Vancouver. Having recently opened up their law firm here, they have put ads all over the city, making it difficult to go anywhere without catching a glimpse of Jeremy Diamond and crew.

The Great Fire of Vancouver

In those departed days of 1886 when the city had only been founded for a few months, the city was completely burned down and this is known as the Great Fire of Vancouver. Out of the entire blaze, less than five buildings survived the demolition. It’s estimated that around $1.3 million was lost in property. This prompted the town to raise money for their first firehall.

We’ve Held The 2010 Olympic Games

To top all of this off, the city of Vancouver also held the 2010 Winter Olympics. These games featured 82 countries and more than 2,500 athletes. The games lasted for 17 days and was watched by an astounding 3 billion people on television. The games took place all over Toronto and created an exciting atmosphere across the city.

Vancouver is hands down one of the neatest places on earth. It’s an eclectic city with a personality all it’s own. It’s been home to contest by Olympians, large fires, and some of the biggest shows on TV.