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Accessorizing your Condo’s Living Room – The 8 Don’ts

Accessorizing your Condo’s Living Room – The 8 Don’ts

Before accessorizing, the living room looks blah, and you may think to yourself, why not get a few accessories to brighten up space and to add some character? That is great thinking, well, until, you bring in the right accessories the wrong way or you go off the charts and use the wrong accessories.

As a Toronto math tutor, interior décor may not be up your sleeves but, you can perfect it by avoiding the following mistakes:

  1. Don’t use a rug a floating rug

Scale and style come together when it comes to rugs. You’ll be surprised to note that many people make this mistake which you’ve also made – the rug shouldn’t be floating in the middle of the room. When accessorizing, buy a rug that is large enough to fit all the furniture legs.

  1. Don’t Clutter instead of accessorizing

Too many accessories will create an ugly mess. Even if you are a collector, you should buy everything you find and keep all that stuff on all surfaces. Accessories only stand out when displayed minimally. If you accumulate too much stuff, give some away or keep them in storage swapping them occasionally.

  1. Don’t buy or display accessories that don’t match the room’s design

Accessories are there only to accentuate the room. When exhibiting bold/ bright colors, ensure that the items don’t appear too eccentric. Even if you love a color too much, don’t overuse it.  A bold color only looks better on accessories but, it shouldn’t be overdone. At the same time, too many colors make a room disconnected.

  1. Don’t use many throw pillows

Let’s just agree that throw pillows only work better for pillow fights. Though they also make the room bright, too many pillows are a distraction, and your visitors will miss sitting space. Keep throw pillows to a minimum to avoid cluttering the room.

  1. Don’t use short curtains

Short curtains just look tacky, and it will look that you just ran out of fabric! So, before dressing your windows, you should measure the distance between the rod and the floor then purchase panels of the same length or even longer ones. If it pools on the floor, you can have it hemmed, but that won’t happen if the panels are too short.

  1. Don’t match everything

Everyone does it but, it is boring! You will make your home more interesting if you mix things up. Mixing furniture and colors creates a professional look. If you are into monochromatic colors, you can improve your home’s allure by incorporating different textures.

  1. Don’t hang pictures and artwork too high on the wall

Even when hanging artwork above furniture, you should look at the piece like a magnet drawing the art down onto it. You should always hang wall art at eye level unless you are in a gallery where the pieces can go up to the ceiling.

  1. Don’t buy accessories that are too small

If it’s too small, then it will just look silly. It will also get lost easily. You should always look for accessories of a substantial size.

Final thoughts

You should keep in mind that all styles have rules including eclectic décor.  You shouldn’t mix styles and patterns, and your accessories must blend with your style. You shouldn’t forget to add a plant to your home. Make sure your living room brings out your personality.