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Reliable Doggy Daycare In Liberty Village

Your dog is a member of the family; he’s not just a pet. So if you’re like most dog owners, the thought of leaving him alone all day long in your Liberty Village condo can break your heart. To help remedy the situation, there is a great dog day care and training facility right here in Liberty Village called Pack Of Paws.

The Pack Of Paws Mission

At Pack Of Paws Dog Daycare in Liberty Village, they provide a comfortable and stimulating environment. Dogs have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, exercise and receive love. Since they are a pack animal, that kind of daily interaction with other dogs is a huge benefit to their mental and physical well-being.

Throughout the day, dogs are taken for walks around the neighbourhood and dogs with higher levels of energy are taken to a designated off leash park or for a pack rollerblade.

The staff at Pack Of Paws performs training exercises to teach your dog basic commands, good play etiquette and to help engage them mentally. They practice nonverbal energy-based training methods to control the pack and project calm assertiveness.

Your Dog’s Experience During His Stay At Pack Of Paws

The space at Pack Of Paws is designed to provide excellent comfort and safety, so there are soft rugs, dog beds and cozy couches on special rubber flooring. They made the dog’s play space feel as cage-free as possible, going to the extent of adding windows to the gates, so they always feel connected to what’s going on around them.

Liberty Village’s Lamport Stadium, a wonderful place for a walk, is right across the street from their location, while South Stanley Dog Park, one of the best off-leash parks in Toronto, is only five minutes away.

The Advantages Of Dog Daycare

Dogs need exercise. When they get plenty of exercise, they’re happier and better mannered. On the other hand, if they don’t have a way to release their excess energy, they’ll find other things to do like damaging furniture or shoes.

If your dog is made to wait too long to go outside, an accident is bound to happen. Additionally, making him wait too long for a bathroom break can increase the risk of incontinence later in life.


In response to overwhelming requests for this kind of service, Pack Of Paws has added home-style boarding in Liberty Village to their list of offerings. During his stay, your dog will spend his days at the dog daycare and then accompany the owners back to their home for 24/7 care and attention. They only accept a maximum of two dogs at a time for this service, so it’s best to book early.

Instead of keeping your dog cooped up inside your Liberty Village condo all day long while you’re at work, consider sending him to dog daycare at Pack Of Paws where he can get plenty of exercise, have fun with other dogs and be happy and safe. Pack Of Paws is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 6:30 PM and is located at 105 Jefferson Ave. in Liberty Village.

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4 Brand-New GO Stations and 6 SmartTrack Locations Announced!

Steven Del Duca, whom is the Transportation Minister for Ontario, stated that four new GO Stations are set to be built within Toronto; all of which is supposed to happen within the next 10 years. We all know that GO Stations are incredibly convenient, especially for commuters that need to get to work; that’s why a few new stations would seem ideal (in any case). The new stations are proposed to go alongside the Barrie and Kitchener lines, which are known as being a bit lacking when talking about the number of stops they sport.

Two of these brand-new GO Stations being proposed would be of the Toronto SmartTrack variety, and would turn out to be quite a significant addition to both Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). These SmartTrack lines would be shared between Liberty Village and St. Clair & Keele, as well as the four east-end stations:

  • Finch Ave. (between Kennedy and Midland)
  • Lawrence Ave. E
  • Gerrard St. E
  • Don Yard & Unilever Area (between Cherry St. and Eastern Ave.)

All in all, Del Duca stated that these stops were going to be a part of the $13.5 billion being gathered for GO regional transportation within 2014. It’s great that they not only found funding, but figured out a way to make things work only two years later.

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Tips For Finding A Great Mortgage Broker In Liberty Village

If you’re pondering the purchase of a Liberty Village condo, the thought of getting a good mortgage is probably weighing heavily on your mind. It’s a critically important financial decision, and the terms of your mortgage can make all the difference in the world.

Working with a mortgage broker in Liberty Village can have some definite advantages over dealing directly with a lender like a bank or credit union. A broker can shop around to various different lending sources to find the best and most appropriate deal for you.

But how do you find a good mortgage broker who will help you secure the financing you need? Let’s have a look at some suggestions that you may find helpful in the process.

Ask Others

Speak to your friends and colleagues who may have also recently made a real estate purchase. Find out if they used a mortgage broker and whether or not they were satisfied. If you already have a real estate agent, he or she may also have someone to recommend. Getting a referral from someone you trust can go a long way in setting your mind at ease about your mortgage broker and getting your relationship off on the right foot.

Do Your Own Research

Ask your potential Liberty Village mortgage brokers about their past transactions, what kind of experience they have with residential mortgages, and ask if you can speak to some of their past clients. Of course, you should also make sure that they are fully licensed.

You can also consult the Internet to look for customer feedback on sites like Yelp. Don’t hesitate to do your due diligence in researching a mortgage broker. After all, this transaction may be part of your life for the next two or three decades.

Visit Their Office

If possible, book an appointment to meet them at their office. This will give you an opportunity to see how they work, how organized they are and how professionally they conduct their business.

Find Out About The Criteria They Use For Making Recommendations

Mortgage brokers in Liberty Village are paid commissions to sell loans. Find out as much as you can about the commissions they are paid, as well as any fees that may be applied for their services.

Find Someone You Like

It may seem obvious, but you should be sure that you feel comfortable and confident when speaking with your Liberty Village mortgage broker. You need to have a feeling of trust and ease with them so that your discussions can be clear and as smooth as possible.

Once you’ve found the right mortgage broker to help you get your financing, you’ll be well on your way towards buying that amazing condo in Liberty Village.

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Tips For Selling Your Liberty Village Condo

If the time has come to sell your Liberty Village condo, you’re going to want to do everything you can to get the best price possible and sell it as quickly as possible. In a competitive seller’s market, you need to get a competitive edge over the other condos currently listed.

So what can you do to achieve these goals? Let’s look at a few strategies that can help to get the job done.

Choose The Right Agent

Some Liberty Village condo owners believe that all they need from their listing agent is the ability to have the property listed on MLS to get it sold fast. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

An experienced realtor who specializes in Liberty Village condos can provide you the level of service you need and the kind of expertise that can help get results and avoid pitfalls. Obviously, you want to get the most out of your real estate investment. To do that, look for a realtor who consistently achieves outstanding results.

Getting Your Liberty Village Condo Ready For Sale

You want anyone visiting your condo, whether it’s in person or online, to get a great first impression and be able to picture themselves living there. The best way to achieve this is by removing all of the clutter as well as personal items such as portraits and other personal memorabilia.

If there are any repairs that you have been putting off, now is the time to have them completed. And if the walls are looking grimy, you may want to consider a new coat of paint, particularly if your colours are anything but neutral.

Clean every room thoroughly. If necessary, rent a carpet cleaner to brighten them up. If cleaning isn’t your strong suit, or you simply don’t have the time to get it done, you can hire a local cleaning service.

Stage each room to show it in its best possible light. This means arranging the furniture to give the room as open a look as possible to add to the illusion of size.

When your condo in Liberty Village is carefully staged and free of clutter and personalization, it will appeal to a greater number of potential buyers who will be able to visualize their own stuff in each room. Staging will also result in better pictures online. Again, if you’re not sure how to get this done, you can hire a professional stager to help.

Setting The Price of Your Liberty Village Condo

Finding a price that is just right and that will attract buyers and get you the best possible results can be very tricky. Once again, this is an area where an experienced and knowledgeable realtor who knows Liberty Village condos extremely well can be a great asset.

Toronto Real estate agents often look at the price per square foot of recent condo sales to suggest the value of your condo. While this formula can provide a good starting point, it’s important to remember that other variables can have an impact on price. Some of these factors include what floor your condo is on (higher floors tend to get a better price), whether your condo has great views, is a corner unit or has a design that offers more liveable space.

Other considerations could have an affect your asking price, including: parking, storage space, amenities within the building, maintenance fees, and outdoor space like balconies or terraces. Keep all of these factors in mind and work with your realtor come up with the optimal asking price that will get you the attention you need for a quick sale at a great price.

It’s a lot to think about and to get done, for sure. Turn to your realtor for help and suggestions. Before you know it, your Liberty Village condo will be sold.

Not sure what your Liberty Village condo is worth? Click here to get a fast, free consultation with comparables sent directly to your email.

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Some Original Liberty Village Retailers That Are Going With The Flow

There are countless advantages to condo living in Liberty Village. Not the least of these is all of the great shopping right at your doorstep. We are lucky to have so many noteworthy and unique retail establishments in Liberty Village.

I’d like to introduce you to a few of my own favorites. Each one has carved out its own place in the market by following its vision and purpose.


This Liberty Village shop began life as Vocado. Its owner, Emily Dobbie, turned her back on her career as a chartered accountant to pursue her love of retail and fashion. It was one of the best decisions ever made, now she loves going to work and is passionate about offering women rate, stylish, relaxed fashion.

In August of last year, the store went through a reinvention of sorts. The name was shortened to V.O.C., the store’s interior was updated, and an online retail component was launched so people can shop from anywhere in the world.

Carrying fashions by such notable designers as Rails, Michael Lauren, Bella Dahl and Wildfox, to name only a few, V.O.C. is Liberty Village’s premier destination for hip and comfortable women’s fashions.

The store is located at 171 E. Liberty St., unit 121 and is open Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 7 PM, Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday from noon to 5 PM.

Liberty Street Cyclery

Summertime in Liberty Village means getting around on two wheels. It also usually means having to get your bicycle tuned up and ready to get on the bicycle path or the trails.

With a focus on quality repairs and building relationships with their customers, the folks at Liberty Street Cyclery have created a bike shop that is quite unusual. Customers and passersby are welcome to come in, hang out and chat as bikes are being repaired. This gives the shop a real neighborhood feel, which their customers appreciate.

Liberty Street Cyclery also builds custom bicycles. They built bikes in countless unique configuration and for just about every possible purpose.

You can Visit Liberty Street Cyclery at 31 Atlantic Ave. in Liberty Village. They’re open Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM and Saturdays from 11 AM to 6 PM (except on long weekends).

Demo Soap

Offering an incredible selection of handmade soaps with unbelievable fragrances, demo soap has varieties that look as tasty as they smell. All of their soaps are made in store, using natural ingredients. They are vegan-friendly and available in over 100 varieties.

You can find Demo Soap at 171 E. Liberty St., Suite 123 in Liberty Village.

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Pamper Yourself In Liberty Village At The Beauty Room

If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself to some me time in Liberty Village, you’ll want to make your way over to Beauty Room. You can receive a wide range of luxury spa treatments in a warm and cozy space inside L Studio Salon.

Catering to both men and women, their services include facials, waxing, tinting, and manicures and pedicures.


Beauty Room offers a variety of facial treatments designed to give your skin a clean, healthy glow. In addition to a series of basic facial services that can include chemical peel exfoliations and extractions, they also offer corrective facials designed to treat specific skin conditions like sun damage, dehydration, acne, sensitivity and lines and wrinkles.

Lash Lift

A great way to make your lashes appear fuller and longer and make your eyes open up, Lash Lift is the latest in semi-permanent lash curling treatments in Liberty Village. Instead of wrapping lashes around a sponge rod, like in traditional perming systems that can make lashes look short and stubby by over curling them, Lash Lift uses different sized silicone pads individually create a perfect curl for each lash. Each treatment takes about an hour and lasts between six and eight weeks.


There’s a complete range of Liberty Village manicure and pedicure services at Beauty Room. Nail hygiene is a top priority, so they use a fresh set of nail files and disposable files for each client. All stainless steel tools are cleaned and disinfected after every use and instead of using traditional pedicure chairs with spa jets that have been known to conceal bacteria; they will soak your feet in a stainless steel bowl.

Tinting And Waxing

Beauty room offers three kinds of wax to remove unwanted hair.

The Nufree formula is an anti-microbial and antibacterial soy-based botanical product that’s perfect for coarse hairs like those in the bikini and underarm. It can even remove hairs that are only 2 mm long. It doesn’t contain any wax and won’t stick to the skin. That means you’ll get less irritation.

Hard wax is an excellent choice for use on the face. It is warmed at a low heat and applied just above skin temperature, so it’s effective and gentle. It doesn’t require strips to remove and won’t adhere to skin for less irritation.

Soft wax is perfect for quickly removing hair from larger areas like legs, arms, chest and back. It is applied in a thin layer that is heated just about skin temperature and removed with strips, leaving no residue.

After each hair removal service, Finipil is used to kill germs and prevent infections in the empty hair follicles. It also serves to soothe the skin, reduce redness and close the pores.

You can also add incredible definition to your brows and lashes with a quick and safe tinting treatment. The color is individually blended to suit your hair colour and skin tone, and it will last for up to six weeks.

Men’s Grooming

For the gentleman, Beauty Room offers waxing services, manicures and pedicures, basic facial treatments and detoxifying back treatments to help him look and feel his very best.

Beauty Room is open Monday through Saturday. Appointments are recommended, but walk-in customers are always welcome. They are located at inside L Studio Salon at 39 Mowat Ave. in Liberty Village.

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Toronto’s Hottest Jazz Station Is In Liberty Village

It has become a musical and cultural beacon for Toronto. JAZZ.FM91, Toronto’s radio station dedicated to jazz music and all of its forms, is located in the heart of Liberty Village. Broadcasting at 91.1 on the FM dial and streaming live worldwide at, they feature jazz programming 24 hours a day.

A Jazz Station And Then Some

Not only is Liberty Village’s JAZZ.FM Toronto’s premier jazz radio station, it’s also Canada’s only broadcaster registered as a not-for-profit charitable arts organization devoted to serving the community through cultural and educational experiences for their audience.

A Long History Of Serving Toronto

The Liberty Village radio station we now know as JAZZ.FM 91 began over 60 years ago as Ryerson University’s community radio CJRT-FM. It was renowned for broadcasting an eclectic mix of educational programming jazz and classical music. But, in 1996, the Ontario Government stopped its funding for the radio station, and it looked as though the station might be leaving the airwaves for good.

That’s when its transformation into a listener-funded, not-for-profit radio station focused on an all-jazz format took place. In 2006, JAZZ.FM relocated from the Ryerson campus to its current location on Pardee Avenue in Liberty Village.

The station has found its way into the hearts and minds of a broad listening audience that was ready to embrace this kind of musical diversity and sophistication. An estimated half a million listeners tune into JAZZ.FM91 each week.

The CRTC allows for only four minutes of advertising per hour, compared to as much as 14 minutes per hour on commercial radio stations. Its listeners are so invested in the station and its format that they also support financially it through donations that help to pay for programming. Under the leadership of President and CEO Ross Porter, the station’s annual revenues have grown to $4 million, and it continues to operate on a break-even basis without any government support.

The Long & McQuade Performance Hall At JAZZ.FM91

One of the gems within JAZZ.FM91’s Liberty Village facilities is the Long & McQuade Performance Hall. The venue plays host to exclusive live-to-air jazz performances, interviews, special events and monthly Jazz 4 Kids concerts.

Educational Programs

As part of its mission and mandate, JAZZ.FM91 has a vibrant series of educational programs, workshops, and scholarships that help burgeoning musicians expand their knowledge of jazz.

Jazz 4 Kids – Every month, junior and middle school students from the GTA are invited to participate in a unique, fun-filled and interactive concert performed by talented professional musicians. The program encourages and inspires creativity through music and fosters an appreciation for the arts. Since 2007, over 1500 children have enjoyed this one-of-a-kind cultural community program.

JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band – Talented middle and secondary students receive the opportunity to hone their chops in a professional and culturally diverse setting. Each Saturday, the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band rehearses under the direction of musical director Jules Estrin in Liberty Village. Students learn about improvisation, jazz techniques and ensemble playing from some of Canada’s leading music educators and musicians. They also get perform extensively, appearing at the JAZZ.FM91 Sound of Jazz Concert Series and several festivals and special events.

Scholarships and bursaries – In its ongoing commitment to supporting emerging talent and music education, JAZZ.FM91provides a number of scholarships for individual students at Toronto area colleges and universities, including University of Toronto, Mohawk College, York University, and Humber College. JAZZ.FM91 also supports other awards administered by various organizations in the Toronto area, including the CNIB Scholarship established in memory of JAZZ.FM91 host Jeff Healey, the Peter Appleyard Scholarship, and the Youth Jazz Canada scholarship.

Jazzology – Jazzology is a program that provides a chance for local students to showcase their talents, share their stories and talk about their love of music in a professional setting. Hosted by Heather Bambrick on Thursday night at 9 PM, the show lets gifted students choose the music and talk about some of their favourite and most influential artist, not to mention play some of their own music. It’s an incredible opportunity for them not only to develop as musicians but also to hone other important skills including public speaking, media training and interviewing.

The presence of JAZZ.FM91 in Liberty Village is just one more facet that makes the neighbourhood a hub for culture, arts and entertainment in Toronto.

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Why Cake Lovers Flock To Liberty Village

If scrumptious cakes and cupcakes give you a thrill, you’ll be delighted to discover For The Love Of Cake, one of Toronto’s premier bakeries specializing in meticulously handcrafted and beautifully designed creations right in Liberty Village. You can probably find it by following the trail of crumbs and icing that leads to their door.

All of their cakes and fillings are made from scratch using top-quality ingredients. The team at For The Love Of Cake aren’t just bakers; they’re also designers. They are committed to creating cakes and cupcakes that please the palate and catch the eye.

Cakes And Desserts For Your Special Wedding Day

Happy couples preparing for their special day can choose a wedding cake from the Designer’s Choice Collection for a design that has all of the appeal and wow factor of a custom cake at an affordable price. These cakes are available in 2 to 4 tiers, offering 30 to 100 servings. Their colours are customizable and available in a variety of flavours.

Alternatively, the designers at For The Love Of Cake in Liberty Village can deliver a personalized design that matches the wedding’s theme or makes a statement about the couple’s personality. Couples can also get a custom designed edible bride and groom cake topper to add a fun, unique and personalized touch their cake.

Cupcake towers are a fun and popular alternative to a traditional tiered wedding cake. They’re colourful, attractive and available in different sizes and either round or square format.

For The Love Of Cake can also prepare a beautifully arranged sweet table with a variety of bite-size delicious sweet treats. They can also provide customizable favours to offer your guests.

Special Occasion Cakes

Whether you’re planning a Liberty Village birthday celebration, a baby shower, a corporate event, an engagement or an anniversary party, For The Love Of Cake can offer a great selection from their Designer’s Choice Collection that includes a wide range of looks, from beautifully elegant to fun and whimsical. Of course, they can also custom design your cake to perfectly suit your needs.

The Bakery Shop

There’s always a wide assortment of over 25 different cupcake varieties available in store every day. You can walk in and pick up a dozen for the office or just one for yourself if you prefer. Larger orders can be placed online ahead of time to ensure you get the flavours you want, plus you’ll save two dollars per dozen.

There are also some other tasty baked goods that you can try, including yummy butter tarts (there’s even a gluten-free option) and cheesecakes.

The History Of For The Love Of Cake

Owner and head designer Genevieve Finley first transformed her love of baking and unique artistic talent into For The Love Of Cake back in June 2008. Initially located in a small law studio, the business soon moved to its current location in Liberty Village the following January thanks to a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Customer response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. For The Love Of Cake offered Toronto’s first filled cupcakes and their one-of-a-kind “mancake” flavors have received a ton of media attention throughout Canada and around the world.

Genevieve and For The Love Of Cake have been featured on Breakfast Television, W’s “Double Wedding”, Slice Network’s “Cake Walk” and in several wedding magazines. For The Love Of Cake has also created cakes and cupcakes for a host of celebrities including U2, Katy Perry, Drake, Howie Mandel, Elicia Cuthbert, and Dr. Jane Goodall.

In case the trail of crumbs and icing eludes you, you can find For The Love Of Cake at the Liberty Market Galleria at 171 E Liberty St., Unit 117 in Liberty Village. They are open Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 6 PM and Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM.

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Developer of CityPlace Will Bring a Light-Based Art Collection to Toronto

Downtown Toronto has never been short of arts & culture, but the CityPlace developers are taking it upon themselves to add a personal touch of sorts. Looking to change the look of Toronto’s downtown core, CityPlace is introducing a light-based art collective; an attraction that is sure to intrigue even the blandest person in town. Concord Adex (which is the developer) wanted to make it more than just condos buildings, which is why this project is so special. It’s the largest public art collection being sported in Canada right now, and is capable of bringing the community together (through the use of flashy, fancy lights!). Harold Madi, who is the director of Urban Design for the City of Toronto, stated that these public art pieces were implemented within the CityPlace design all along. There are three main components to this collection, which would be: Pierre Poussin’s “Variegation”, Katharine Harvey’s “Gardiner Streams” and finally, Adrian Gollner’s “Drift”.

Madi also stated that CityPlace is the first condo community in Toronto to have a public art collection, and they’ve made it their duty to ensure that everything meshes together properly (that being, the building and the art). The Variegation exhibit is supposed to reference the plants and green areas that used to make up Toronto, a reminder that we’ve built all of this from the ground up. Gardiner Streams (which is a giant screen, littered with multi-color streams of light) is supposed to reference the Gardiner Expressway, which is mere minutes away from the building (and immediately South of where the art is displayed). Motorists can see the exhibit themselves as they pass by.

Drift, the third and final exhibit to take a look at, has certain portions of the condo towers creating a variation of colours. During the nighttime, you can really see the light against the dark sky; it just adds another sense of artistic integrity to the community. These three art projects are something you shouldn’t miss out on, and I would highly suggest checking them out if you’re in the CityPlace area!

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TTC launches 514 Cherry streetcar route

The streetcar circuit is a big deal in Toronto, mainly because it offers up an abundance of transportation opportunities for the citizens at hand. When it comes to bringing in new routes, there hasn’t been an introduction in over 16 years – but that’s changing. There is a brand-new streetcar route that was built at 514 Cherry Street, and it connects the West Done Lands to Liberty Village (which is a very sought after condo community, of sorts). Those of you who absolutely love making use of the Toronto transit system have a lot of stuff to be happy about!

The very first trip took place at around 10 AM this summer, going North up Cherry Street before turning West on King Street E – the first ride itself as available free of charge. In a way, it’s pretty much been able to take part in history; so it’s a good thing you didn’t need to pay! They had an abundance of different streetcars out for display, all of which played an integral part in the advancement of modern Streetcar technologies. There was every single generation of streetcar that you could think of being put out for all to see.

The service on this route is expected to hover around 8-9 minutes in between pickups, and that’s dealing with peak times (in regards to the number of people commuting). Although the route is somewhat small, it’s the first step that city officials are taking towards a brighter and better Toronto. The lakefront itself could use some revitalization, and this is clearly an opportunity to help in that sense. Being able to access Liberty Village with ease (from West Don Lands) not only allows local commuters a chance to get around seamlessly, but it makes the entire city a much more convenient place. If they’re able to add more and more streetcar routes (and, hopefully, at an accelerated pace), we should see a pretty big jump in the convenience of public transportation within the city.