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How to Boost the Safety of Your Home

How to Boost the Safety of Your Home

Even when the burglary cases in your neighborhood increase, you can still keep your home safe from break-ins. This is because burglary is the easiest crime to prevent. Protecting your home is important because, even though you can replace your possessions, you may end up living in fear for the rest of your life because of one incident.  You may even have PTSD. So, to keep your home safe, you should do the following:

  1. Install state-of-the-art alarm systems

If you live in the best condos in Liberty Village, you have to install an alarm system. Your home is more important than your place of work. Therefore, you should get an alarm system that has both visual and audible warnings. It should also come with a link to a reputable and a reliable monitoring agency.

You can also have window shock alarms installed. The vibration will be enough to keep the intruders out.

  1. CCTV

Have the best security firm install a CCTV system which will allow for 24-hour monitoring of your home. A CCTV provides a great source of evidence when the burglar is caught. If you can, install infrared cameras.

  1. Protect your valuables

Safes are there to ensure that you stay safe and your valuables remain safe in case of an intrusion. Unless the burglars know you personally, keeping your valuables out of sign prevents harm in case of a break-in.

  1. Keep your home brightly lit

In most cases, a burglary takes place in dark corners and homes without proper lighting. So, to avert a burglary, you should keep your home well lit. You may also want to install sensor lights externally. That shock of full lit lights will send away all burglars.

  1. Keep your street number visible

In case of a break-in, you’ll want to get help fast, wouldn’t you? So, for the police to reach your home as soon as possible, ensure that your street number is visible. Also, your house number should be visible.

  1. Door Chimes

Just like it is in the movies, thieves get access into homes when you forget to lock the door when you get in. A door chime prevents the burglar from sneaking in because it will remind you that you haven’t locked the door.

  1. Smoke alarms

Your home’s safety isn’t all about who can get in; it also encompasses who can get out in case of a fire or an emergency. You should close your internal doors when home but you shouldn’t lock. If you have to lock the door, keep your keys close. You should also have the smoke alarm inspected to ensure that it is always in a good working condition.

  1. Use strong burglar-proof bars and gates. You can also include an electric perimeter wall.
  2. Always keep your gates, doors, and windows closed