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Brighten up Interior Spaces – How to Let in More Light into your Home and Your Life

Brighten up Interior Spaces – How to Let in More Light into your Home and Your Life

The right light lightens your mood too.

The atmosphere, ambiance and the flow of your home are important for your relaxation and alertness. These two elements rely on the brightness or the dimness of light. Though soft light makes us want to lie down and sleep or chill, your home shouldn’t be a sleeping trap. It should be a place to grow, learn and bond. The right lighting will make all that and the sleeping possible.

Here are the tricks employed by interior designers to lighten up spaces:

Layer the lighting

Layering creates the right ambiance and also sparks interest in a room. Uplighting is an effective strategy applicable when you wish to make the room look bigger. Incorporate low-hanging pendants which create an illusion of clusters and height for large rooms to look homely and cozier.

Is the light helpful?

We often forget to consider what we’ll use the light for. As a law student preparing for you law paper on the anti-avoidance rule, you will need directional and flexible lighting aimed away from you. For cooking, you require concentrated lighting in the form of recess lighting and downlights. On the other hand, dimmers work well when you are looking for a warm and an energy efficient room.

For the best of all lighting features, you should consider getting dimming switches which will help you to control the quality of light during the day or at night.

Interior décor and design

If the design of your home features high ceilings, you may want to consider increasing the level of light to make the room bright. Do this by adding more bulbs and if possible, use extra table lights.

For rooms painted using dark colors, you’ll have to increase the level of brightness of your light because dark colors absorb color and bright colors reflect color.

Incorporate mood lighting

You aren’t just making the whole space bright but also that thing that lifts your mood when light shines on it. For mood lighting, you may want to use wall lights, table lights, and picture lights. These lights add interest to specific areas and objects of interest. For maximum benefits, let the light shine on your favorite object.

Get the right side of fixtures

For the right amount of light to shine in your house, you need to consider getting the best fixtures. Avoid oversized table lamps of too small chandeliers.

For the right size of the chandelier, you should add together your room’s height and the width in feet. That number, when converted into inches represents the ideal size of your chandelier. Also, don’t eyeball the chandeliers in showrooms because they look bigger than they are.

Consider where shadows fall

If placed in the wrong spot, light creates a shadow which presents a bigger problem.  To avoid shadows in the bathroom, put sconces on either side of the mirror rather than the front of the mirror.

Longer and horizontal lights are better than single bulbs for full illumination. For your office, choose a task lamp.

Finally, bulbs consume energy. Go for energy efficient LED and CFL bulbs. They cost more upfront but are worth more in the long run.

Don’t forget to use brightly colored curtains or blinds that let in natural light.