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Fort York Bridge Looking to Rise Up Once Again

When it comes to building a $19.7 million bridge to be used by cyclists and pedestrians, there’s really only one way to do it – the Torontonian way! Stanley Park and Fort York can finally connect seamlessly, as the Fort York Bridge is looking to make a comeback. The two-part bridge that links the King St. West Liberty Village and Fort York Neighbourhood is going to take one year to construct; it’s said to begin being built during Spring of 2016. Walking and cycling is a relatively big deal in Toronto, as driving your car all over town isn’t exactly the most effective way to get around. One bridge is going to spread across the Southern extension of Stanley Park, bringing it over to the Northern side of Ordnance Triangle Park. The second bridge is going to link the Southern side of Ordnance Triangle Park with Fort York, giving you two-way access to both locations. Dufferin Construction has stated that this is the very first stainless steel bridge (of this variety) in North America, and will be much cheaper to maintain when compared alongside to traditionally manufactured bridges. The original bridge that was being proposed was supposed to cost up to $26 million, and was initially supposed to be opened up during July of 2012. Stanley Park and Fort York were seemingly meant to be connected, as the bridge has drawn a lot of positive response from the community. If you’re a local and enjoy walking or cycling around town, this bridge is going to make things much easier for you.

Mayor John Tory stated that the city building effort was going great, and that there are going to be an abundance of different attractions for potential tourists to take a look at – but it’s more so focused on the building of local communities and such that makes everything so great. Torontonians can finally get to Fort York and back as they please, without having to navigate around the roads.

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Pet Grooming and Daycare in Toronto: Done RIGHT!

Pet grooming and daycare needs within Toronto can get pretty serious, because those of us that live here usually lead a rather busy life. When that’s the case, you want to know that the people taking care of your pet in your absence are true professionals. Not only that, but you want to make sure that they have the right facilities to do so. Pet Social is definitely one of those companies that you want to remember, as they practice some of the highest quality pet grooming and daycare services I’ve ever seen. Not only will they make sure that your pets are eating and getting the nutrition they need (through the use of both premium and holistic foods, with no additives), but they’ll even go above and beyond that – keeping you equipped with some of the most innovative and brand-new pet care products around.

Pet Social is pretty much the most optimal place to be for any sort of pet owner. When you shop at Pet Social, their inventory seems like it’s always expanding – if they don’t have something you need in stock, just let them know! Odds are they’ll be able to order it in for you.

The customer service is top notch, and the grooming service is both affordable and properly managed. Your pets will be happier than ever, knowing that the people grooming them are both caring and loving! Their brand new website has an abundance of information within, all of which will talk about the many different services and products they’ve got to offer up.

The groomer that works alongside Pet Social has been in the industry for well over 25 years, which means they have more than enough experience; all of which will translate into fantastic results for both you and your pets. If you want them to look at their best, it’s going to take the right groomer – an average person just doesn’t understand the process! You can purchase all sorts of fun and unique toys for your pets while they’re getting groomed, or even just take it upon yourself to adopt a cat! Pet Social has recently paired up with Toronto Animal Services and introduced a cat adoption service.