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5 Benefits of Living In Vancouver

5 Benefits of Living In Vancouver

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If you’re thinking of moving to Vancouver, then you’re on the right path. Vancouver is an exciting city that holds a lot of opportunity for the people who move there. Everyone in this bustling city is able to find comfort in the city of Vancouver and make it their own.

Unlike a lot of big cities, Vancouver has a homey feel to it that so many other places lack. So what makes Vancouver such a great home? We spoke with one Vancouver personal injury lawyer to find out her thoughts.

Hop Into Nature

Vancouver is the perfect mix of scenic nature and eclectic city. To one side of the city you have the vast and expansive Pacific Ocean, which seems to sprawl on forever. On the other side, there are the stunning Rocky Mountains, which tower above the city. This creates an atmosphere for the weekend warrior to get out to one of the nine beaches in the city or go for an exciting hike through the hills.

Incredible Weather

Unlike many other areas of Canada, Vancouver prides itself on not having any snow. The weather in the city is incredible, which makes for warm summers and comfortable winters that don’t leave you freezing. There’s a fair amount of rain in the city, but that’s just a good excuse to pull out a book and enjoy the coffee.

The Coffee Scene

The coffee scene in Vancouver is one of the highlights if you’re a coffee lover yourself. The city holds itself to a high standard to produce quality coffee that keeps you going through this lively city. You won’t struggle to find a cool and unique coffee shop to sit back and people watch, catch up with friends, or power through some work.

Top Notch Public Transport

The public transport in Vancouver is reliable and affordable, making it a preferable way to travel through the city instead of with a vehicle. The main feature of the public transport is the sky rail, which is a subway that takes people above the city, instead of underground like many rail systems are designed in other cities.

A Young and Vibrant City

There is a prevailing youth culture within Vancouver that keeps the city fresh and exciting no matter the season or time of day. You can be sure that there’s always something fun going on that you won’t want to miss.

Living in Vancouver will be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, especially if you live an active lifestyle. Between the nature and bustling city life, great public transport, and weather compared to other Canadian cities, what’s not to love?

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Thor Espresso Bar

Espresso bars are often conceived as being a novelty of sorts, only appealing to people who are very serious about their coffee needs. While that still remains relatively true, it doesn’t mean that it’s limited to only that variety of person – Thor Espresso bar in King West is really looking to change the way people approach businesses like these. The co-owners Patrick Tu and Tom Junek has become absolutely accustomed to the “Slayer”, which is their beast of an espresso machine (and easily one of the coolest ones you’ll ever find on this planet). The machine itself is gigantic, and there’s a paddle that will adjust the water pressure, according to the espresso pull being input. The levels vary from one to nine, while most retail espresso machines only work with nine all the way through. When you go from one to nine, the taste/flavour of the espresso is much richer – not only that, but the fragrance is much more appealing as well.

To be specific, this is the 77th espresso machine of this kind that has been built on the planet, and it’s the only one you’ll be able to make use of in Toronto. Whether you want a Latte with a beautiful image embroidered into the foam, or just a dark and hard cup of espresso, they’ve got you covered. That’s not the only thing they’ve got to offer up, though, as they also have a variety of pastries and other snacks to pick from. It’s like your traditional café, except with a little more enthusiasm put behind the entire process. Panini’s are readily available due to the panini press, and all of the pastries are sourced from both Desmond & Beatrice/Circles & Squares.

This Scandinavian influenced café (hence the ‘Thor’ reference) is sure to draw a crowd when people begin to find out about it. It’s really just a matter of time before Torontonians get out there and experience what the Thor Espresso Bar has to offer for themselves!

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Nepal Pari Nail SPA

When you’re looking to get a pedicure or manicure done (or anything related to your nails at all), you want to make sure that you’re going to the right place. Most of the time it’s going to cost a decent amount of money, so you always want to know who’s going to be handling your needs beforehand – that’s why people tend to get into the habit of seeing the same spa’s over and over. Nepal Pari Nai Spa is one of the best nail spas and treatment centers you’ll find around King West in Toronto, and that’s because they’re your “complete solution for beauty”. Anybody who has been there personally will tell you that the job they do is quite good, and they really don’t cut any corners.

They offer up both foot and hand care, which means your toe and finger nails are always accounted for. They’ll wash, cut and finish your foot with ease, and even go as far as giving you an amazing facial. They can help out with any acne treatments or anti-aging processes you may be interested in, as well as microdermabrasion. They specialize in massages, including hot stone and aromatherapy! Not only that, but Swedish is included as well – the body wraps and body exfoliation processes they offer up are also a nice thing to take into account. Body wraps are something a lot of people are seeking out these days, but they can be tough to find (at a reasonable price, anyways); but that’s not the case anymore! Nepal Pari Nail Spa offers up body wraps and cellulite treatments, all at an affordable rate.

If you want to look your best, Nepal Pari Nail Spa can help you out. Depilation and Lipo Laser treatments are easy obtainable, and all of the other services are going to be handled by only the most professional workers around. If you want a relaxing experience, you’ll want to come to Nepal Pari Nail Spa!

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Spaw Boutique

Spaw Boutique is a place for true pet lovers, those of us that would treat an animal as if they were part of our family! When you want the best for your furry little loved ones, it’s going to call for a specific type of service – one that actually cares about the well-being of your pets! Dogs and cats will receive spa-like treatment at Spaw Boutique, which is why so many people are raving about the brand new service. They have a retail space available that gives you access to an abundance of pet-related accessories, things like dog walking leashes and treats would apply here. You could also even go about purchasing new water and food bowls if you feel it’s necessary! They have you covered in every single aspect in terms of pet-care products. These products apply to both cats and dogs, meaning it would apply to both types of people! It’s great when you’re a pet boutique and actually appeal to an abundance of different needs. Some people prefer dogs and others prefer cats – so why not make it so they can shop for either?

There’s a raw food section available as well, which is perfect for when you really want to treat your dogs. The biggest attraction would be the incredibly intricate grooming space they have available, with an abundance of tables to choose from – you’ll always be accounted for! The dog dryer room makes it so that the grooming process is short and sweet, while the cat bathing room is another addition that makes cat grooming easier (and much more relaxing). Tons of places that offer up pet grooming services don’t have the right equipment or staff to work with, but that isn’t the case here. They’re trained professionals that are equipped with industry-standard pet grooming equipment! The grooming check-in area has tons of cool stuff to look at, as well as toys and such to purchase for your pet. They really thought of everything when it comes to Spaw Boutique, keeping customers in front of just about anything they’ll need that’s pet care related.

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Toronto Plays Home to a Brand New Dinner Theatre (Candyland)

There’s no shortage of quality restaurants in the Toronto area, but when it comes to dinner theatre, there isn’t exactly a specific venue that you would keep in mind. Well, seeing as there is an abundance of food attractions to choose from all over King West, it’s nice to introduce something brand new. Candyland is a dinner theatre project that’s looking to change the way people look at King West. It’s going to remind you of other relatable locations, such as “The Box” in Manhattan, or even the “Cirque le Soir” in London. These are locations that are well-renowned and sought out, which means this addition to Toronto could mean quite a bit. Throughout the night, you’re going to be graced with three or four separate performances. Each one will be around 10 to 15 minutes a piece, and will cover a variety of different topics and platforms. Some of these are going to be circus acts (like a ring dancer), or even just a blues band playing a quick song – sketches are also a very big part of the entertainment schedule.

Candyland is a concept that we haven’t exactly seen in Toronto before, which makes it something interesting to check out. It’ll draw in a crowd on a nightly basis, and if the food is as good as they say, it should be a location that sticks around for a long time. It may even become a crucial part of the local Toronto community! The option of having live entertainment available while you eat isn’t open all too often, so it’s a cool thing to experience when you dine at Candyland.

The food is going to be just as important as the entertainment, which is why Chef Frank Parhizgar (whom is the mastermind behind “Franks Kitchen”) will create a menu that consists of luxurious snacks and smaller plates. The cover price is $20, and the cost of food as well; of which is served until relatively late! If this is something you think you’d enjoy, check out Candyland at their new location on 619 King St. W!

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Lyn Leather (Bart Leather)

Leather companies are always going to be associated with their quality, as that’s the main trait you’re looking at when buying leather-based products. The Lyn Leather Company in Toronto (located at 159 Dufferin Street, within Liberty Village) isn’t your typical clothing company – it’s one that approaches the leather clothing industry in a brand new light. All of the clothes are made to your measurement, creating a customizable fit that could only be obtained through Lyn Leather. The products are 100% Canadian made, so you’ll be supporting a local business whenever you purchase a product from here.

There are a bunch of different products for sale, such as leather coats and jackets (for both men and women), as well as shearlings. You can purchase all of the items on her website, and have them delivered in a timely manner. Leather jackets not only look nice, but they do a great job of keeping you warm as well. They may cost a decent amount of money, but high-quality leather is always going to cost you in the financial department. If you’re worried about what you’ll be wearing in the upcoming winter, you should check this place out. Personally, I bought a coat (of the “Marshal” variety) and was really satisfied with the end result.

A Positive Experience

I contacted Lyn, and talked to her about trying to place an order. She talked me through the entire process, and I went down into the store to get my measurements. She actually measures out your dimensions to ensure that the jacket is going to fit perfectly, something that you wouldn’t have happen if you were to just go out and buy a regular leather jacket. That snug and personalized fit that you get is one I’m a very big fan of, and she definitely delivered in that department. It’s nice to see businesses like this pop up in Liberty Village, as it means the region is just going to continue growing when it comes to income. If you’re going to support any kind of business, it may as well be of the local variety – am I right?

All in all, Lyn Leather is a good place to turn to when you’re in need of leather clothing (regardless of your gender). The price is right, and it’s a local business that you should always consider supporting. It might not be the right style or look for everybody, but to each their own.

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Stix Dog Chow

How much do you love your dog, exactly? The food you feed them is more than likely processed and filled with an abundance of ingredients that you would never feed to your little loved one, but that’s the problem with mainstream dog food brands – they don’t tell you how horrible the food actually is for your pets. Stix Dog Chow is a business located within the Liberty Village area, and they specialize in homemade dog food for your favorite pooch. All of the dinners that are provided by Stix Dog Chow contain fresh ingredients, giving your dog the opportunity to have a hearty and fulfilling meal (as well as a nutritious and healthy one!).  They are located on Western Battery Road, and have been serving the Liberty Village area for quite some time now. I’m serious about pampering my dog, so I really needed to find a source of food that I felt was reliable (in terms of quality). As a result, I tested out Stix Dog Chow.

Quality of Food (and Service)

I was really surprised with the quality of service they had to offer, as a lot of food delivery services (even ones that specialize in dog food) tend to be a bit “snobby”. That isn’t the case at all when I was ordering homemade dog food from Stix Dog Chow, and I even felt like the price was right. I didn’t feel as if I was overpaying for the food I was getting, because the quality was there. My dog was definitely enjoying his meals much more as well, because the hearty ingredients and properly cooked dishes are obviously going to taste fantastic. I can’t tell you how they taste personally, though; sorry about that!

Janice, the wonderful owner of this company, was very compliant throughout the process. She asked me the types of dishes I wanted to have prepared for my dog, as well as what my schedule looked it. It’s almost as if she was going to personalize the delivery schedule around me, which felt nice. When a service can provide you with goods and also keep you happy in the process, that’s a win-win situation. Stix Dog Chow is a pretty great little business, nuzzled in the corner of Liberty Village.

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Suzanne Gardner Flowers

When all is said and done, who doesn’t love a bouquet of beautiful flowers? They can help bring together a room, or even just remind you of a great memory that you’ve recently lived. Suzanne Gardner isn’t just selling flowers on the side of the road, though; she’s doing something much more than that. She’s looking at them as a form of art, and it comes through in her work. She takes a very unique approach to the world of flowers, which is something that is looked at as her own little touch. She’s the perfect person to hire for any sort of event, whether it be a wedding or banquet (or anything of that nature!). Gardner Flowers delivers every single order in high-quality, clear glass – the shapes come in various forms, such as rectangles, cylinders and even classic “rose bowls”. If you want to work with one of the most optimal floral designers in town, you should be contacting Suzanne Gardner Flowers.

I have a wedding to plan, and I definitely felt like I was in way over my head. There are a lot of things that need to be put into place, and the flowers were something that I decided to test my event planning skills with. I called Suzanne Gardner Flowers, told her what I wanted to have designed (the types of flowers I wanted to use and such) – and the rest is history! Everybody at the wedding was commenting on how cool the floral designs looked, which is a job well done in my opinion. Flowers by themselves are beautiful, but they aren’t anything special; Suzanne Gardner takes them and transforms them into something much more memorable.

Floral Designs Done Right

Not only is she great for weddings and banquets, but corporate events as well. Tons of companies hold a yearly gala, which is where beautiful floral designs by Suzanne Gardner would come in handy. Located at 171 East Liberty Street in Suite 157 of the Liberty Market, all of your flower-design related needs can be met here! These aren’t just your typical vases filled with flowers – these are pieces of art that are individually crafted. It sounds crazy now, but as soon as you test out Suzanne Gardner for yourself, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Pick out some of your favorite kinds of flowers and see what Suzanne Gardner has in store for your event; odds are you’re going to be ecstatic about what she delivers in the end.

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Christine Bib Express

Finding a reliable catering service is tough, and when you’re putting together something agonizingly important, you don’t want to pick the wrong food providers. Located at 109 Jefferson Ave., they’re a company that’s looking to provide the region of Liberty Village with a service they can count on. You already understand how important a catering service can be, which is why you need to find one that offers up nothing but beneficial traits. For example, you want them to be both experienced and professional – two traits that I found were present when I hired Christine Bib Express. They offer up amazing food, because they have some of the best cooks in town on staff. Toronto is already known for being a food hotspot in Canada, but Christine Bib Express is helping bring that reputation to the world of catering.

World-class service is the term I would use. When you hire Christine Bib Express, you can expect nothing but the utmost amount of professionalism. They offer catering for special events, corporate catering, Muskoka catering and especially weddings. They were voted as Muskoka’s best caterer in the year 2002, and they specialize in stuff like cottage weddings. Not only is the food that they provide you with delicious, but they even offer up event planning services as well. Pleasing your taste buds while taking part in something as ceremonial as a wedding just seems right, and that’s why hiring Christine Bib Express is such a good idea. I thought the catering experience was going to be complete and utter chaos, but I suppose I was wrong.  Christine Bib Express also has a new food line that has recently been released, and is attributed to nutritious (and delicious) easy heat meals. The most positive things about this service would have to be the:

  • Food Quality
  • Quality of Service
  • Event Planning Available
  • Amount of Professionalism
  • Versatility of Service

Not only do they offer up catering services, but the food shop allows you to pick up baked goods and prepared meals (as well as have them delivered to your house). They can make salads, entrees, sides, pastries and pretty much anything else you could be craving. They do a good job of keeping everybody happy with a number of different dishes, which is something that you don’t see in a lot of other catering services.

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Maizal Quesadilla Café

Maizal Quesadilla Café (mostly just referred to as “Maizal”) is a Mexican café, located on 133 Jefferson Ave in Toronto. The location falls within Liberty Village, a popular and growing community within the city. Maizal is an interesting Mexican restaurant, providing a comfortable and homelike vibe for you to take in. The shade-covered patio area is a nice touch, and allows you to take in all that summer has to offer during the middle months. The space itself is wondrous, using warm colors to keep you happy and ready to eat! There are tons of pots and such that keep it filled, as well as plants and other things of that nature. Not only that, but there’s even folk art on the walls to admire as well! Owned by Ivan Wadgymar and Gabriela Ituarte, this is one of those restaurants that you want to experience over and over. If it isn’t the delicious Mexican dishes that they’re providing, it’s the atmosphere itself. The menu is somewhat small, only standing at a dozen or so dishes, but it’s the passion and ingredients that make everything so amazing.

The entire menu is made from scratch, and that’s why the food is well-reviewed. If you’re a fan of freshly made corn tortillas, you’re really in for a treat! They only offer up service during certain times of the day at the moment, but we hope that they increase that number sometime soon. Some of the neat things they offer would be:

  • Delivery
  • Takeout
  • Patio Seating (Shaded!)
  • Wine and Beer
  • Free Wi-Fi!
  • Vegetarian-Friendly Dishes

Mexican Food in Toronto: Done Right!

They definitely deliver on the promise of fantastic food, and the reviews that precede this one will talk about that as well. Whether you go with some churros, a quesadilla or just a good old-fashioned taco; you’re going to be happy. Trust me on that one, the food is just so good! You know what they say, good food brings on a good mood. If you’re dying to try a new take on Mexican dishes within the Toronto area, feel free to check out Maizal Quesadilla Café.