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Some Original Liberty Village Retailers That Are Going With The Flow

There are countless advantages to condo living in Liberty Village. Not the least of these is all of the great shopping right at your doorstep. We are lucky to have so many noteworthy and unique retail establishments in Liberty Village.

I’d like to introduce you to a few of my own favorites. Each one has carved out its own place in the market by following its vision and purpose.


This Liberty Village shop began life as Vocado. Its owner, Emily Dobbie, turned her back on her career as a chartered accountant to pursue her love of retail and fashion. It was one of the best decisions ever made, now she loves going to work and is passionate about offering women rate, stylish, relaxed fashion.

In August of last year, the store went through a reinvention of sorts. The name was shortened to V.O.C., the store’s interior was updated, and an online retail component was launched so people can shop from anywhere in the world.

Carrying fashions by such notable designers as Rails, Michael Lauren, Bella Dahl and Wildfox, to name only a few, V.O.C. is Liberty Village’s premier destination for hip and comfortable women’s fashions.

The store is located at 171 E. Liberty St., unit 121 and is open Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 7 PM, Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday from noon to 5 PM.

Liberty Street Cyclery

Summertime in Liberty Village means getting around on two wheels. It also usually means having to get your bicycle tuned up and ready to get on the bicycle path or the trails.

With a focus on quality repairs and building relationships with their customers, the folks at Liberty Street Cyclery have created a bike shop that is quite unusual. Customers and passersby are welcome to come in, hang out and chat as bikes are being repaired. This gives the shop a real neighborhood feel, which their customers appreciate.

Liberty Street Cyclery also builds custom bicycles. They built bikes in countless unique configuration and for just about every possible purpose.

You can Visit Liberty Street Cyclery at 31 Atlantic Ave. in Liberty Village. They’re open Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM and Saturdays from 11 AM to 6 PM (except on long weekends).

Demo Soap

Offering an incredible selection of handmade soaps with unbelievable fragrances, demo soap has varieties that look as tasty as they smell. All of their soaps are made in store, using natural ingredients. They are vegan-friendly and available in over 100 varieties.

You can find Demo Soap at 171 E. Liberty St., Suite 123 in Liberty Village.

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Pamper Yourself In Liberty Village At The Beauty Room

If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself to some me time in Liberty Village, you’ll want to make your way over to Beauty Room. You can receive a wide range of luxury spa treatments in a warm and cozy space inside L Studio Salon.

Catering to both men and women, their services include facials, waxing, tinting, and manicures and pedicures.


Beauty Room offers a variety of facial treatments designed to give your skin a clean, healthy glow. In addition to a series of basic facial services that can include chemical peel exfoliations and extractions, they also offer corrective facials designed to treat specific skin conditions like sun damage, dehydration, acne, sensitivity and lines and wrinkles.

Lash Lift

A great way to make your lashes appear fuller and longer and make your eyes open up, Lash Lift is the latest in semi-permanent lash curling treatments in Liberty Village. Instead of wrapping lashes around a sponge rod, like in traditional perming systems that can make lashes look short and stubby by over curling them, Lash Lift uses different sized silicone pads individually create a perfect curl for each lash. Each treatment takes about an hour and lasts between six and eight weeks.


There’s a complete range of Liberty Village manicure and pedicure services at Beauty Room. Nail hygiene is a top priority, so they use a fresh set of nail files and disposable files for each client. All stainless steel tools are cleaned and disinfected after every use and instead of using traditional pedicure chairs with spa jets that have been known to conceal bacteria; they will soak your feet in a stainless steel bowl.

Tinting And Waxing

Beauty room offers three kinds of wax to remove unwanted hair.

The Nufree formula is an anti-microbial and antibacterial soy-based botanical product that’s perfect for coarse hairs like those in the bikini and underarm. It can even remove hairs that are only 2 mm long. It doesn’t contain any wax and won’t stick to the skin. That means you’ll get less irritation.

Hard wax is an excellent choice for use on the face. It is warmed at a low heat and applied just above skin temperature, so it’s effective and gentle. It doesn’t require strips to remove and won’t adhere to skin for less irritation.

Soft wax is perfect for quickly removing hair from larger areas like legs, arms, chest and back. It is applied in a thin layer that is heated just about skin temperature and removed with strips, leaving no residue.

After each hair removal service, Finipil is used to kill germs and prevent infections in the empty hair follicles. It also serves to soothe the skin, reduce redness and close the pores.

You can also add incredible definition to your brows and lashes with a quick and safe tinting treatment. The color is individually blended to suit your hair colour and skin tone, and it will last for up to six weeks.

Men’s Grooming

For the gentleman, Beauty Room offers waxing services, manicures and pedicures, basic facial treatments and detoxifying back treatments to help him look and feel his very best.

Beauty Room is open Monday through Saturday. Appointments are recommended, but walk-in customers are always welcome. They are located at inside L Studio Salon at 39 Mowat Ave. in Liberty Village.

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Toronto’s Hottest Jazz Station Is In Liberty Village

It has become a musical and cultural beacon for Toronto. JAZZ.FM91, Toronto’s radio station dedicated to jazz music and all of its forms, is located in the heart of Liberty Village. Broadcasting at 91.1 on the FM dial and streaming live worldwide at, they feature jazz programming 24 hours a day.

A Jazz Station And Then Some

Not only is Liberty Village’s JAZZ.FM Toronto’s premier jazz radio station, it’s also Canada’s only broadcaster registered as a not-for-profit charitable arts organization devoted to serving the community through cultural and educational experiences for their audience.

A Long History Of Serving Toronto

The Liberty Village radio station we now know as JAZZ.FM 91 began over 60 years ago as Ryerson University’s community radio CJRT-FM. It was renowned for broadcasting an eclectic mix of educational programming jazz and classical music. But, in 1996, the Ontario Government stopped its funding for the radio station, and it looked as though the station might be leaving the airwaves for good.

That’s when its transformation into a listener-funded, not-for-profit radio station focused on an all-jazz format took place. In 2006, JAZZ.FM relocated from the Ryerson campus to its current location on Pardee Avenue in Liberty Village.

The station has found its way into the hearts and minds of a broad listening audience that was ready to embrace this kind of musical diversity and sophistication. An estimated half a million listeners tune into JAZZ.FM91 each week.

The CRTC allows for only four minutes of advertising per hour, compared to as much as 14 minutes per hour on commercial radio stations. Its listeners are so invested in the station and its format that they also support financially it through donations that help to pay for programming. Under the leadership of President and CEO Ross Porter, the station’s annual revenues have grown to $4 million, and it continues to operate on a break-even basis without any government support.

The Long & McQuade Performance Hall At JAZZ.FM91

One of the gems within JAZZ.FM91’s Liberty Village facilities is the Long & McQuade Performance Hall. The venue plays host to exclusive live-to-air jazz performances, interviews, special events and monthly Jazz 4 Kids concerts.

Educational Programs

As part of its mission and mandate, JAZZ.FM91 has a vibrant series of educational programs, workshops, and scholarships that help burgeoning musicians expand their knowledge of jazz.

Jazz 4 Kids – Every month, junior and middle school students from the GTA are invited to participate in a unique, fun-filled and interactive concert performed by talented professional musicians. The program encourages and inspires creativity through music and fosters an appreciation for the arts. Since 2007, over 1500 children have enjoyed this one-of-a-kind cultural community program.

JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band – Talented middle and secondary students receive the opportunity to hone their chops in a professional and culturally diverse setting. Each Saturday, the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band rehearses under the direction of musical director Jules Estrin in Liberty Village. Students learn about improvisation, jazz techniques and ensemble playing from some of Canada’s leading music educators and musicians. They also get perform extensively, appearing at the JAZZ.FM91 Sound of Jazz Concert Series and several festivals and special events.

Scholarships and bursaries – In its ongoing commitment to supporting emerging talent and music education, JAZZ.FM91provides a number of scholarships for individual students at Toronto area colleges and universities, including University of Toronto, Mohawk College, York University, and Humber College. JAZZ.FM91 also supports other awards administered by various organizations in the Toronto area, including the CNIB Scholarship established in memory of JAZZ.FM91 host Jeff Healey, the Peter Appleyard Scholarship, and the Youth Jazz Canada scholarship.

Jazzology – Jazzology is a program that provides a chance for local students to showcase their talents, share their stories and talk about their love of music in a professional setting. Hosted by Heather Bambrick on Thursday night at 9 PM, the show lets gifted students choose the music and talk about some of their favourite and most influential artist, not to mention play some of their own music. It’s an incredible opportunity for them not only to develop as musicians but also to hone other important skills including public speaking, media training and interviewing.

The presence of JAZZ.FM91 in Liberty Village is just one more facet that makes the neighbourhood a hub for culture, arts and entertainment in Toronto.

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Developer of CityPlace Will Bring a Light-Based Art Collection to Toronto

Downtown Toronto has never been short of arts & culture, but the CityPlace developers are taking it upon themselves to add a personal touch of sorts. Looking to change the look of Toronto’s downtown core, CityPlace is introducing a light-based art collective; an attraction that is sure to intrigue even the blandest person in town. Concord Adex (which is the developer) wanted to make it more than just condos buildings, which is why this project is so special. It’s the largest public art collection being sported in Canada right now, and is capable of bringing the community together (through the use of flashy, fancy lights!). Harold Madi, who is the director of Urban Design for the City of Toronto, stated that these public art pieces were implemented within the CityPlace design all along. There are three main components to this collection, which would be: Pierre Poussin’s “Variegation”, Katharine Harvey’s “Gardiner Streams” and finally, Adrian Gollner’s “Drift”.

Madi also stated that CityPlace is the first condo community in Toronto to have a public art collection, and they’ve made it their duty to ensure that everything meshes together properly (that being, the building and the art). The Variegation exhibit is supposed to reference the plants and green areas that used to make up Toronto, a reminder that we’ve built all of this from the ground up. Gardiner Streams (which is a giant screen, littered with multi-color streams of light) is supposed to reference the Gardiner Expressway, which is mere minutes away from the building (and immediately South of where the art is displayed). Motorists can see the exhibit themselves as they pass by.

Drift, the third and final exhibit to take a look at, has certain portions of the condo towers creating a variation of colours. During the nighttime, you can really see the light against the dark sky; it just adds another sense of artistic integrity to the community. These three art projects are something you shouldn’t miss out on, and I would highly suggest checking them out if you’re in the CityPlace area!

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Four Frequently Costly Mistakes That Home Sellers Make

Selling a home is hard work and is all about preparation, both of your home and of yourself . Before you open your front door to the, hopefully, eager hoards of potential buyers, review these all-too-often costly mistakes that sellers make so you can avoid them.

Home Sellers can either make too many, too few or the wrong repairs

There’s a balancing act in preparing your home for sale between doing the repairs necessary to make the sale, doing those that are cosmetic and investing in large renovations. A pre-sale inspection report will identify all the repairs that your home needs, and you can choose which ones to make so that it’s structurally sound and looks well-cared for. Cosmetic changes, such as a new paint job throughout and updated light fixtures, are not necessarily just “nice to haves” but do make a lasting impression on potential buyers. And you may need to invest in big-budget renos such as a kitchen upgrade to get the purchase price you’re after.

Mis-pricing the property

Asking too much money for your home is a frequent mistake and may put off potential buyers who just don’t have the budget. On the other hand, under-pricing your home will also lose you money, though it may lead to a bidding war. Work with your realtor to investigate how much other properties in the area have sold for but be careful to compare your home to others that have similar features.  Be realistic about how much value any unique renovations and additions have made to your house – they often don’t add as much as you think. 


Neglecting your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the key factors in whether people decide to buy a house. Will prospective buyers pull up to your home, take one look and rapidly drive away? Will they yawn but come in anyway, without much enthusiasm? Or will they jump out of their car and bounce excitedly through the front door, eager to see what else the property has to offer. Increasing your home’s curb appeal can be as simple as weeding the yard, adding a few new plants and washing the windows and siding. Perhaps a punch of colour on the front door to draw the eye or repainting any fences and gates. Increasing curb appeal can be done thoughtfully and creatively and not necessarily expensively.

Making it personal (and emotional)

Your home is not about you. Sure, you’ve enjoyed many years of great times there, but now that you’re moving on, your home is just a building, a piece of property to be sold for the best possible price. And selling your home is not personal – there’s no room for emotions. You need to detach yourself emotionally from the home and be objective: about the selling price and about negative comments that potential buyers may make. And you must remove yourself personally from your home. Clear out all your clutter and personal items before you start to show the property; your viewers should be able to imagine themselves in the space. And don’t be there, or have your kids and pets there, during viewings and especially during an open house. It’s awkward for everyone, makes the viewers leave quickly and you can miss a sale.

Selling a home is both an art and a science, and really hard work. Your realtor is your partner in this, so check out our article on the questions to ask your realtor when you’re selecting her or him.

How to Choose a Realtor

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Five Avoidable Mistakes Home Buyers Make

There’s only one secret to ensuring a successful home buying experience and that’s research, research, research. All of these mistakes that home buyers make can be avoided by investigation and by asking questions Yes, it takes time and effort and sometimes requires you to invest some money upfront, but in the long run, you’ll be certain that you made the best possible purchase of your new home.test

Here are five of the most common mistakes that home buyers make.

Looking before you know what you want

Take the time to sit down and think hard about what’s important to you and your family about your next home. Separate your needs, wants and must-haves and put them in order of priority in a checklist. Is it essential that everyone has their own bedroom? Does a finished basement outweigh a large yard? Is a large kitchen more important than the jet tub in the master ensuite? This will save you, and your realtor, time and effort from viewing homes that are clearly not a practical fit for you.

Hispanic couple outside home with sold sign
Hispanic couple outside home with sold sign

Not knowing what you can afford

Falling in love with the house that meets your needs and has many of your wants only to find out that you can’t afford it is heartbreaking and can seriously derail your enthusiasm in your new home search. Before you set foot inside the first property, some experts suggest that you go through the application process for a mortgage and get pre-approved. This tells you and your realtor your buying power; but it can also give you leverage in negotiating a better deal on your chosen home as the seller knows that you will definitely quality for the loan.

Going without a home inspection

We can’t emphasize enough that there is absolutely no reason to ever miss out on obtaining a certified independent home inspection of your potential new home. You’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, at least, so make sure you know where all the home’s deficiencies and damages are. You can ask the seller to correct any problems as part of your offer to purchase or use the inspection report to negotiate a better purchase price. And this applies to new builds as well as to pre-owned homes.

Not spending time in the neighbourhood

“Location, location, location” is more than just a realtor’s catchphrase, it’s actually a great piece of advice to keep in mind when choosing where to live. The value of your home is not only affected by its geographic location, it’s also changed by the homes around it. Having the smallest home in the area may seem like a great investment but your taxes will still be high because of the surrounding houses. Spend time in the neighbourhood at different times of the day and night. Observe the traffic and noise patterns; talk to neighbours about schools, shops, the library, kid’s playgrounds, gyms, restaurants. Don’t forget to check the zoning laws so you won’t be surprised about in-fill housing or a new shopping centre.

Forgetting about the hidden costs of buying

Not knowing how many extra dollars you have to spend beyond the price of the property is such a frequent and potentially distressing mistake that we’ve devoted an entire article to it.

More information: 

How much does it cost to buy a home?

For the flip side of this, read our article on the frequent (and costly) mistakes that home sellers make.

Four Frequently Costly Mistakes That Home Sellers Make

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Furnishing a Small Condo Space

Living in a small condo

Living in a small condo? There is no particular way when it comes to decorating small spaces, although there are some significant techniques that would make a small space feel stylish and functional.

When living in a small space, it is curial to invest in the “key” furniture. By invest I don’t mean by the amount of money you spend on. Take time to develop a theme that would work best for you and your space.

Now days the minimalism trend/theme is taken seriously, whether into fashion, interior decor or any art related element. The minimalist is a challenging and fun trend but definitely not for everyone. The key for this trend is “less is more” which makes sense when you live in a small space, you don’t want to surround yourself with furniture.

Don’t go all minimalist, stick to your theme whether vintage, modern or classic. Just remember not to over do it with the furniture or décor, that’s when playing minimal, comes in hand.

 Tips when buying furniture for small spaces

  • Invest in multi purpose furniture
  • Invest in scaled-down furniture
  • Invest in organizers whether for your closet or cabinet. (They will become your best friend)
  • Invest in furniture that is easy to move around. You don’t know when to transform your living room to suit a party theme.
  • Invest for smaller appliances.

Where to buy

The buying process can be the most difficult part. The good thing is if you are on a budget, it is easier and less spending on decorating smaller spaces than larger spaces.

As you probably have guessed, IKEA would be the ideal spot to check out. You can definitely find amazing deals on furniture. In fact IKEA is known for their simple but yet functional designs.

If not sticking to budget is not a problem! The Hudson Bay has dedicated a whole collection for small spaces “THE SMALL SPACES SHOP”. Breaking it down to 4 segments, eat, sleep, live and organize. While feature endless brands and products, making the buying process easy!

decor tips

Décor tips for small spaces

  • Use curtains to divide two spaces.
  • Match curtain color to wall. Creating an impression for the room to feel larger and spacious.
  • Add plants. Creating an impression for the room to feel fresh.
  • Take advantage of walls. Install shelves to storage, display objects.
  • Hang mirrors. Creating an illusion of more space.
  • Use hard cover and magazines as decorative pieces.

Get creative

There are endless DIY projects when it comes to home décor. I suggest looking on Pinterest, tumbler and YouTube to collect some fun ideas.

You can even shop you home! Crazy I know.

Take a look at what’s into your closet, for example are a fashionista? You can display your “high-end” cool looking garments like bags as décor.

Get inspired

Remember is going to take time when designing your space, whether small or large. I suggest to create an inspiration board of the ideas and inspiration you collected from magazines and blogs. This will also help define the theme you are going for, but of course it gives the directions of where to start. You don’t want to jump into purchasing furniture and appliances right away, you will just accumulate and clutter your space right away with unnecessary junk.

Keep your options open.

Happy furnituring!