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Furnishing a Small Condo Space

Living in a small condo

Living in a small condo? There is no particular way when it comes to decorating small spaces, although there are some significant techniques that would make a small space feel stylish and functional.

When living in a small space, it is curial to invest in the “key” furniture. By invest I don’t mean by the amount of money you spend on. Take time to develop a theme that would work best for you and your space.

Now days the minimalism trend/theme is taken seriously, whether into fashion, interior decor or any art related element. The minimalist is a challenging and fun trend but definitely not for everyone. The key for this trend is “less is more” which makes sense when you live in a small space, you don’t want to surround yourself with furniture.

Don’t go all minimalist, stick to your theme whether vintage, modern or classic. Just remember not to over do it with the furniture or décor, that’s when playing minimal, comes in hand.

 Tips when buying furniture for small spaces

  • Invest in multi purpose furniture
  • Invest in scaled-down furniture
  • Invest in organizers whether for your closet or cabinet. (They will become your best friend)
  • Invest in furniture that is easy to move around. You don’t know when to transform your living room to suit a party theme.
  • Invest for smaller appliances.

Where to buy

The buying process can be the most difficult part. The good thing is if you are on a budget, it is easier and less spending on decorating smaller spaces than larger spaces.

As you probably have guessed, IKEA would be the ideal spot to check out. You can definitely find amazing deals on furniture. In fact IKEA is known for their simple but yet functional designs.

If not sticking to budget is not a problem! The Hudson Bay has dedicated a whole collection for small spaces “THE SMALL SPACES SHOP”. Breaking it down to 4 segments, eat, sleep, live and organize. While feature endless brands and products, making the buying process easy!

decor tips

Décor tips for small spaces

  • Use curtains to divide two spaces.
  • Match curtain color to wall. Creating an impression for the room to feel larger and spacious.
  • Add plants. Creating an impression for the room to feel fresh.
  • Take advantage of walls. Install shelves to storage, display objects.
  • Hang mirrors. Creating an illusion of more space.
  • Use hard cover and magazines as decorative pieces.

Get creative

There are endless DIY projects when it comes to home décor. I suggest looking on Pinterest, tumbler and YouTube to collect some fun ideas.

You can even shop you home! Crazy I know.

Take a look at what’s into your closet, for example are a fashionista? You can display your “high-end” cool looking garments like bags as décor.

Get inspired

Remember is going to take time when designing your space, whether small or large. I suggest to create an inspiration board of the ideas and inspiration you collected from magazines and blogs. This will also help define the theme you are going for, but of course it gives the directions of where to start. You don’t want to jump into purchasing furniture and appliances right away, you will just accumulate and clutter your space right away with unnecessary junk.

Keep your options open.

Happy furnituring!


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5 Restaurants in Liberty Village to Add to Your List

Does your restaurant repertoire need an upgrade? Here are five restaurants you need to check out, that will surely make your list of ‘go-to’ spots in Liberty Village in Toronto. You will find a collection of diverse styles of restaurants, each with its own charms and eccentricities. Skillful culinary execution, impeccable service, and sustainability are all part of what makes these restaurants a must visit destination for your next culinary adventure.

1 – School

This breakfast/lunch/brunch spot is a local favourite that is sure to be yours too. Inventive take on a simple concept. This isn’t your typical diner. School brings the bacon and eggs, pancakes, waffles, and French toast, but they bring it with a funky schoolhouse twist. Local, Canadian ingredients are all over the menu, and they offer healthy options that you wouldn’t normally find in a ‘greasy spoon’ joint, like 101 Quinoa Chicken Bowl. This is a great spot for anyone venturing out of their Liberty Village apartment, looking for a satisfying meal.

2 – Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Temple Kitchen focuses on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and has the pedigree from renowned Chef Donna Dooher to deliver outstanding food and service within walking distance of many Liberty Village condos. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is the reincarnation of Mildred Pierce, the first restaurant in Toronto to make the warehouse district cool, and to bring the city brunch as a culinary trend, which is still alive and well today. Temple Kitchen is devoted to its philosophy of heartfelt food that pays respect to its source, and is dedicated to the freshness of every ingredient. MTK is one of the best restaurants in the city, not just Liberty Village.

3 – Williams Landing

Here is your next upscale casual dinner spot, perfect after a day of viewing new condos in Liberty Village. It has something for everyone on the menu, but still emphasizes local, organic, sustainable, and seasonal, which sets it apart from the chains. Set in a beautiful and stylish space, it is sure to keep its guests coming back. There is also a patio on the second floor for the beloved patio season in the city.

4 – Bugigattolo

This one is sure to become your favourite Liberty Village secret hang-out. A traditional southern Italian kitchen run by Chef Quin Josey, who earned his stripes in Rob Gentile’s Buca empire. This place specializes in breakfast, lunch, and sweets, with emphasis on grab-and-go items for a neighbourhood on the run, but with the warmth and charm of a place you want to settle into, and never leave. Fresh Italian cheeses, bread, and cured meats, along with serious attention to detail will make this place a favourite for many of Liberty Village apartment owners.

5 – Maizal

Keeping with authenticity, this place is so authentic; they pay homage to the life-blood of the Mayan people, Maize. At Maizal, the traditions of the Mayan kitchen are practiced in every way. Using heirloom seeds of corn, they mill, knead, and roll their own tortillas in keeping with traditional tortillerias in Mexico. Maizal is another scratch kitchen that prides itself on its rich cultural history and believes it is their job to defend it so that you can enjoy it.

Trendy, hip, and cool are typically fleeting, but with these five restaurants, they all should become mainstays for all Liberty Village condo residents. All of these joints have the philosophies that should keep them grounded and true to their roots. Liberty Village looks like it has some really great additions to the neighbourhood, and you should help make them permanent fixtures on your list of favourite spots to eat.

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Do You Need A Roommate?

In the past, having a roommate was commonly associated with post secondary education and largely treated as something that everyone would eventually grow out of.

Current economic conditions including wealth inequality and low interest rates have led to skyrocketing real estate prices.

Suddenly having a roommate is no longer an option to save money. In many major cities it has become a necessity for a large percentage of the population.

Condo Move, Liberty village condo agents, calculate the amount of roomates that would be required to survive on an average salary in some of the world’s biggest cities.