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Stix Dog Chow

How much do you love your dog, exactly? The food you feed them is more than likely processed and filled with an abundance of ingredients that you would never feed to your little loved one, but that’s the problem with mainstream dog food brands – they don’t tell you how horrible the food actually is for your pets. Stix Dog Chow is a business located within the Liberty Village area, and they specialize in homemade dog food for your favorite pooch. All of the dinners that are provided by Stix Dog Chow contain fresh ingredients, giving your dog the opportunity to have a hearty and fulfilling meal (as well as a nutritious and healthy one!).  They are located on Western Battery Road, and have been serving the Liberty Village area for quite some time now. I’m serious about pampering my dog, so I really needed to find a source of food that I felt was reliable (in terms of quality). As a result, I tested out Stix Dog Chow.

Quality of Food (and Service)

I was really surprised with the quality of service they had to offer, as a lot of food delivery services (even ones that specialize in dog food) tend to be a bit “snobby”. That isn’t the case at all when I was ordering homemade dog food from Stix Dog Chow, and I even felt like the price was right. I didn’t feel as if I was overpaying for the food I was getting, because the quality was there. My dog was definitely enjoying his meals much more as well, because the hearty ingredients and properly cooked dishes are obviously going to taste fantastic. I can’t tell you how they taste personally, though; sorry about that!

Janice, the wonderful owner of this company, was very compliant throughout the process. She asked me the types of dishes I wanted to have prepared for my dog, as well as what my schedule looked it. It’s almost as if she was going to personalize the delivery schedule around me, which felt nice. When a service can provide you with goods and also keep you happy in the process, that’s a win-win situation. Stix Dog Chow is a pretty great little business, nuzzled in the corner of Liberty Village.