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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Fall

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Fall

Fall always means switching a multi-purpose space to focus on scarves, hats, and turkey-related objects. Fall calls us to break out ahead of time and be ready while we keep winter from leaving us with clutter. Preparing for fall means getting your apartment ready as well.

You finally bought that condo you fell in love with from properties for sale, and now you are looking to spruce up your apartment for fall. Here are some of the tips that will help you be fall ready:

  1. Cycle the Closets

Winter makes us stuff our closets with coats and heavy clothes. Falls calls for brightness and freshness. You need always to cycle your closets with the seasons. By clearing the closet space, you make laundry easier, make sure you aren’t seasonal boots together, and you save on hangers.

Before fall season, make sure coats with loose buttons are repaired, and make sure your sweaters never picked up moths over summer. Also clean your hats, scarves, and mittens before summer.

  1. Balcony

If you have a balcony, it must have served you well over summer. However, it comes a time the seasons force you to say goodbye. The fall is popular for rain and blustery winds. If you have patio furniture out on your balcony, you need to make sure you tie it down.

Having furniture flying out your balcony is the last thing you need, and worse, hitting an innocent pedestrian or biker. You might also want to consider storing some of the things in your balcony away until the next summer season.

  1. Plants

If you have plants out on your balcony, you should try moving them inside, if their size permits. Find a spot in your apartment that gets enough sunlight. Your plants will still need sunlight. If you feel there is no way to save your plants from the seasonal changes, then you will have to compost them. Whatever you decide, just make sure your plant and flower pots are brought inside. Fall temperatures and rain tend to shatter the pots and leaving a mess you’d rather avoid.

  1. Baskets and Hooks

Fall is the season for hats, coats, scarves, and bags, so you need to make room for some of the fall accessories. Finding strategic space in your condo to place baskets and hooks to hang hats, scarves, and coats.

Place the baskets on the table or in space on your shelf. Baskets allow you to hide your items in plain sight. Use hooks to store the clothes that are meant to keep you cozy. For instant convenience, try inserting a double ceiling hook for your bags and scarves.

  1. Shoe Racks and Door Mats

Fall is a rainy, blustery, and slushy season. Fall comes with the need to do a lot of cleaning. It’s a season that calls for doormats and shoe racks to prevent dirt and also absorb moisture. If you want to encourage people to take off their shoes, consider having a doormat and a shoe rack next to the entrance.

  1. Mirrors and Candles

Mirrors help you trick your condo into being brighter. Strategically place a cluster of mirrors or a large mirror to brighten up your space. Also get scented candles in time for summer.


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All About Home Ownership: Millennials

Being a millennial means you’re not only blessed with youth (for now!), but it also means that you’re going to go through quite a bit of trouble when looking to purchase a home in the future. Living in Toronto is one of those things that people take seriously. The cost is high, but the amount of culture and other types of richness that you experience is simply intriguing. It’s what brings so many people to the city, after all. With that being said, Millennials need to curb their expectations when it comes to living in a single-family, low-rise home; there simply isn’t enough land in place to allow that. If you could build entire homes on top of one another, I’m sure they’d allow it! BMO conducted a survey during the month of April, and it told us that around 70% of Millennials hold owning a home as quite important. Although it’s important to them, they are still willing to wait until they can afford one they’d enjoy.

It might not just be a matter of waiting until you can afford it, as opposed to just adjusting your expectations in general. When land values are rising, you need to curb your enthusiasm – property is one of those investments that requires a lot of money. Frank Clayton, who is a senior researcher at the Centre for Urban Research and Land Development (Ryerson University) stated that: “This is a ‘905 problem’”. The city and surrounding areas just don’t have the sheer number of housing units needed to account for everybody, especially Millennials. Some researchers argue that laneway housing in specific neighbourhoods could be the way to save space, but only time will tell how successful we are able to be with our endeavours. This is a boom, as opposed to a “bubble” – you can expect these prices to stick around for quite some time. If you’re serious about living in a low-rise home, you may have to move around the country a little bit. In order to get serious about your property needs, you’ve got to understand the industry at its core. Millennials are pretty much forgotten about when it comes to purchasing/owning a home, because it’s so far out of reach for most. If you start saving up now (and understanding the real estate market), you should still be in pretty good hands.

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Chinese Investments Within Canadian Real Estate On Course to Increase During 2016

Foreign property investors are always a great thing to be looking at, especially when it comes to Canada. Since our dollar has been relatively weak as of recent, it helps that we have Chinese investors coming or to look at properties. Foreign demands for properties around our region have resulted in price increases, as well as creating multi-million dollar homes in an abundance of cities (much like Vancouver). When you look at, which is a property search engine built to be used by Chinese buyers, the amount of terms related to Canadian real estate properties surged higher by around 134%. The sheer popularity alone is enough to understand how much Chinese buyers love Canadian real estate. When you look at the amount of interest being sported, it looks like Chinese investors are looking to move their money abroad. The current economy of China is somewhat unstable, and large investors could be avoiding potential risks by moving everything over here. The stock market is also quite volatile in China, and even government officials are locking down the reigns of capital flight. Juwai conducted a survey and found that around a 55% increase in international property purchases is expected.

Vancouver and Toronto are the main areas to be looked at in this situation, but Canada as a whole is a pretty large target. If there aren’t any drastic changes in the way things are going, we can expect to see a major increase in the amount of Chinese investors purchasing Canadian real estate. As time progresses, we can only expect to see more and more of these moves being made. If the government of China takes it upon themselves to loosen their grip on capital, we’ll definitely see a huge increase in the number of foreign investors buying property within Canada. Australia and the United States are other regions that should be expecting a large surge of investments, specifically, as the year moves along. 2016 is the year of real estate investments, be it of the foreign or local variety.