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3 Ways to Spice Up that Condo and Make it a Home

3 Ways to Spice Up that Condo and Make it a Home

So you are excited about purchasing your first house .Who wouldn’t be? It is probably your biggest investment and a representation of your dreams and effort. You also want to spice up the space with the trending designs and architecture in the market to make a statement. But hey, hold up a minute! Who are you doing all these for?

A house is just a structure with walls. It is empty and lacks connection. A home on the other hand is more than that. It is a personal sanctuary .A place where you feel warm, safe, relaxed and loved. The most expensive designs and elegant look will never buy that. Whether it is your house or office of the best SEO company in Toronto, every working space needs to be made a home. This is how;

  1. Purge up

A cluttered and disorganized space represents a chaotic and unsettled life. After a long and demanding day, walking into clutter is repulsive. You will find yourself passing by a lounge, or a club for good music and a strong drink to avoid the mess in your home. If it the office, this will always make you feel like you have so much unfinished work; adding you more anxiety. What if you can convert that space into a sanctuary?

Less is more. You need to let go and keep only what you need. Reorganize what is left neatly. A neat space can be converted into anything. A yoga shrine, a music galore or just a space that you use to unwind after work. If you are one of those people who goes home just to sleep, you need to turn that house into a home. Does your office feel like hell? Start here.

  1. Personalized touch

A house becomes a home when a personal touch is added. It kicks out the haunting ghosts and replaces that with some happy soul. What then, you ask? Make your home a reflection of your inner self.

Let what you love be seen in your décor. Choose your favorite colors. The ones that make you feel cheesy. Go for fluffy and cossy fabric, the kind that make you feel tenderly taken care of. Don’t be afraid to display your sentimental items, the kind of art that inspires you.

Before you settle for any form of interior design, ask yourself this; does it feel like home? Don’t listen to the rules and trends, listen to your inner person and let that reflect on your walls, floor, curtains, table stands, lighting and even or bed linen.

  1. Memories that count.

Memories held and made in a space set up the mood and functionality. Hold functions that bring laughter and happiness in your house. Remember to take pictures of those moments and hang close. When you are alone or with people in that space, you will feel happy together reliving the memories.

If you spend a lot of time in that space, make it count. Share fun with others, celebrate achievements together, play games, invite people and meet new friends over functions. Let your space stock up happy moments and you will always feel at a home.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to making your house or office a home, power is in the details. For you to get mental and emotional support out of it, you have to make it a home. That can only happen if you make it a reflection of your inner self, the serene and calm place you know. You need that, don’t you?