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3 Easy Ways to Vamp Up Your Work Space

3 Easy Ways to Vamp Up Your Work space

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how much you hate your workplace; you spend the most of your time there. You better make that place friendly and productive for you or you might end up booking an appointment with your doctor for stress, or getting a letter of dismissal for failing the company or both.

Do you spend your entire day wishing you were elsewhere? What if you can bring that dream, closer home. It doesn’t matter if you work with Canadian Tax Help and you process problems all day, or you work at Forbes and you see paper all day. What matters is whether or not your space is comfortable and functional enough to boost your productivity.

Ready? Here are ways to pimp your work space:

1. Get a plant

Are you kidding me? Yes, you heard me right. Plants are an all-time décor. You can never run out of options to choose from. Whether you want spiky or smooth, bright, dull, or even architectural, the limit is your imagination. The won’t only make your space feel like home; they literally add life by purifying air and giving something to take care of. A reason to stretch a little You have to water it to keep it serving you. Don’t get attached though, you might end up living there.

2. Use a theme

If you always click on the themes on your computer screen and find yourself drifting to wonderland, wake up; it is here. You can create a theme that you like and blend it on your walls, your screen wallpaper, the pen holder or even the picture frame sitting on your desk.

The secret here is to personalize that space within the limits of your organization. Don’t go crazy on a conservative space, you might get fired. You could go for spirals, strips, colored or monochrome. Whatever works for you, let that space look something like a palace.

3. Declutter

This is a must do purge up system. Your office is probably depressing because you get lost in the clutter. Cleaning up and organizing creates more space and peace of mind. It makes your mind focus on the little important tasks and not on a heap of responsibilities. Going minimal does the trick. You could ditch your agenda books for sticker notes or chalk calendars.

Only keep the books you need in the office and let the rest go where they are needed. You could even donate some if you are not using. When your space looks great, it will reflect on your work performance.

4. Accessorice

How many USB ports do you have on your computer? One can hold an accessory for you. Better still, you could use some art on the walls, get cable holders for your cables, ditch the old mug for an artistic pen holder, get a funny dachshund mail organizer or simply throw in a lamp holder design by your desk to do the magic.

You could also try some cool fabric and textiles for the cossy feel or even line up mirrors around if you the room to seem bigger. Think of all the cute things that will make it feel like home and bring them along.

5. Color your world

Who said you have to stick to dull and brown colors to look like you know what you are doing?Color has a way of adding some energy. If you are to perform better, energy is a must. Use bright and distinguishing colors to complete your theme. It is never that serious, you could just buy paint and do it yourself.


The idea of making the workplace friendly and comfortable is to make a home at the place where you spend most of your time. You have the power to improve your productivity by adding in some inspiration. This can only be possible if you personalize that space. Who knows, your office could end up in the museum like Andre’ Breton’s.


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Home Improvements Tips That Will Save You Money

Home Improvements Tips That Will Save You Money

Contrary to popular belief, home improvements don’t have to cost a lot of money. It is possible to be budget-conscious when making home improvements. Wouldn’t that be awesome, if you could save money on a home improvement project?

What do you do when you are looking up Milton tutoring, and you realize that it’s about time to improve some aspects of your condo or house? Here are some of the home improvements projects that will save you money and update your home at the same time:

  1. Security Systems

When it comes to owning a condo, it is essential to deter criminals, and therefore it’s also important to own a home security system. Home security systems alert you when an intruder breaks into your home, and it also notifies the authorities when the alarm is set off.

Installing a home security system will save you more money in the long run. The best thing is you can install a security system with about $600 to $1200 and only use $30 for average monthly monitoring. Installing a home security system will save you a lot of your home insurance policy. There are insurance companies that will give you a discount for their premium security systems.

  1. Whole House Fan

If your condo or house has attic vents or you live a warm climate, a whole fan will dramatically minimize your air conditioning bill a big deal. There are significant industrial-sized fans that can be installed in your attic. They work by pulling air through the windows and out via the attic vents.

The fans can stand in place of an AC unit in summer nights and provide a cool breeze through your home. You can also by one at an average cost of about $380-$450 and the installation time will be around 5.3 hours on average. The good thing is that a whole fan will give you control over your house because they sync with home automation systems.

  1. Smart Thermostat

Taking time to install and program your smart thermostat could be the best choice for your house yet because it gives you immediate energy savings because the thermostat in a way thinks for you. When no one is home, the smart thermostats go off and target temperatures only to the occupied rooms.

Smart thermostats also learn your household schedule for cooling and heating needs. Install one will make you save about $131-$145 annually and will cost you approximately $500-$550 to install one. The best feature is that you can access it via an app hence giving you control when you go out.

  1. Solar Panels

Solar panels have become cheaper. They capture sun’s protons and convert them to electricity which makes them very convenient. And the good thing is the technology has improved so as the time it takes before a payoff on them.

If you get average rooftop solar system, it will pay you back in at least seven and a half years. So you’ll see the average savings on the energy bills the sooner you install solar panels. You will slowly start to make your electricity bill to go away.

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Tips on Building Happy Condo Communities

Tips on Building Happy Condo Communities

A bonded community is always the best backbone for any neighborhood. We all want to live in an area with a sense of community. It is possible to create a happy and lively condo community with a few resident events here and there. Taking care of your pets together can be a bonding experience for the community. There are plenty of experienced dog walkers that would be thrilled to spend time with your pets while you are at work.

Just like you need a willing party before hiring a chemistry tutor, you need resident involvement for condo communities to thrive. Your residents also need to know each other for the community bond to feel natural. Here are some of the ideas to build a happy condo community:

  1. Clubs

Clubs tend to bring people with similar interests together. You can go from intellectual pursuits to activities to clubs for dads or moms or even grandparents. You can create a running club that is open to everyone despite the ages. It will not only boost healthy habits to your neighborhood but also bring camaraderie.

Everyone loves a good meal right? So you having a dinner club is also a good idea. You will bring residents together for exciting meals and get them to know each other a little more. You can pick a theme and have the residents bring their favorite comfort meal occasionally. You can also host your own farm-to-table dinner. Gardening club creates a beautiful environment for residents to connect.

  1. Plan Recurring Events

You can have events like bake sales, pool parties, or volunteer events for condo communities who have families. If your condo has a resident’s pool, you can hold a party and barbecue. Kick it up a notch by hiring family-friendly entertainment that will get everyone involved. For example magicians, face painters, or even storytellers.

You can also plan board games night. This is an inexpensive and easy event to host. The only thing required is for residents to bring their own games. You can also ask the condo association to supply some games. Then get some snacks and neutral drinks to make everyone happy. You can set up a tournament and gift certificate for the winners.

  1. Field Trips

Fields trips have a way of getting people excited. It offers a nice change of routine and always creates an environment for residents to do something interesting together. Even if you condos are in the most remote areas, it can be easy to go for field trips.

You can have the residents go to minor league hockey game, college volleyball tournament, or a professional baseball game. There are many sports teams out there that offer group discounts for some tickets.

You can also plan visits to historical locations. History always brings people together and can be very fascinating. There is always something to learn. You don’t even have too big; you can just visit your local historical society and learn something of your past.

Museums are also a good option for field trips. Sports museums, art museums, aviation museums, or something unique like the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in the Niagra Falls are just some of the options you may consider for museum outings for resident events.

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Buying a House? Consider these 4 Factors First

Buying a House Consider these 4 Factors First

It has probably taken you years of hard work, sweat and sacrifice nights trying to save up for that big investment. Yes, money doesn’t grow on trees. That is why buying a house can be a stressful and a thoughtful experience. Not all that glitters are gold, so you wouldn’t jump on any good offer that comes your way.

The same way every worthy product has to go through Health Canada Consultants to be certified, a  good house investment must meet a certain criteria. Whether you are for your family, or just for speculative reasons, chances are; you might want to sell the same house in future and you don’t want to do it at a loss. If you want more information on the real estate markets, sites like can give you information on the mortgage rates.

No worries if this is the first time you are buying a house, with these five factors in mind, you can never go wrong;

  1. Location

You can always pimp a rugged house and make it look like a palace, right? But you cannot load your house on a truck and shift position if you don’t like the place. Depending on whether you are single or living with your family, the location of your house will still haunt you; so don’t make a wrong decision.

If you are single there is no harm in buying a house at the center of a bustling city next to a night club. But if you have a family you might have to move to a quiet place outside the madness of the city. Wherever the place you settle on, make sure you can access social amenities such as water, schools, roads, hospitals, electricity and roads. First make sure that you love the location and consider this,”if I was to sell this house today, how many people would want to live here?”.

  1. Affordability

Make sure to buy your house according to your bank balance. The price of the house alone is not the only factor at play here; the cost of food, groceries, transport expenses, and social amenities will determine whether you should buy it or not. You definitely don’t want to starve to death in a fancy expensive house.

When it comes to affordability, other factors such as taxes, maintenance and assessment costs are very important. For a condo, the expenses could be high compared to small family houses. It is wise to consider exemptions too before you settle for the offer. Draft a quick income and expense checklist; if you can afford it, buy it.

  1. Crime

Who wants to move in one day only to lose all their hard earned assets the next day. Before settling for that beautiful condo, check the crime reports of the area. When it comes to the crime rate, consider the long term stability of the area. There is crime everywhere but the more it is, the more reason to avoid it.

4.Long term value

Think of the value of your investment, years later from the time of your purchase. Will it still meet your meets years on? How is the market likely to change? Is it moving in your favor against? If you were the sell the house in future, are there any developments in that area that will make your investment go up in value?

Think of the school district. If you are single now, are you planning to have children in the future and will there be schools in the neighborhood for them to attend? What then is the quality of those schools? You have to make sure that your investment is worth it in the long run.

  1. Cashflow

If you are an investor, then you probably know that buying the best building on the block is not always the best idea. It could look so appealing and irresistible but there is more. Here is the secret though, you will buy it at the highest price in the market and the probability of that value going up is minimal.

So what then? Buy a house, renovate it and increase its value. If you sell it a month later, make sure you make a kill out of it. If you decide to live there, you will customize it to your liking.

Final Verdict

When it comes to home buying, there is no specific formula but these will guide you home. You will be at a better position knowing this, rather than just walking into a house store and picking one to take home. Enjoy your buying, it’s never that serious. Really.

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3 Ways to Spice Up that Condo and Make it a Home

3 Ways to Spice Up that Condo and Make it a Home

So you are excited about purchasing your first house .Who wouldn’t be? It is probably your biggest investment and a representation of your dreams and effort. You also want to spice up the space with the trending designs and architecture in the market to make a statement. But hey, hold up a minute! Who are you doing all these for?

A house is just a structure with walls. It is empty and lacks connection. A home on the other hand is more than that. It is a personal sanctuary .A place where you feel warm, safe, relaxed and loved. The most expensive designs and elegant look will never buy that. Whether it is your house or office of the best SEO company in Toronto, every working space needs to be made a home. This is how;

  1. Purge up

A cluttered and disorganized space represents a chaotic and unsettled life. After a long and demanding day, walking into clutter is repulsive. You will find yourself passing by a lounge, or a club for good music and a strong drink to avoid the mess in your home. If it the office, this will always make you feel like you have so much unfinished work; adding you more anxiety. What if you can convert that space into a sanctuary?

Less is more. You need to let go and keep only what you need. Reorganize what is left neatly. A neat space can be converted into anything. A yoga shrine, a music galore or just a space that you use to unwind after work. If you are one of those people who goes home just to sleep, you need to turn that house into a home. Does your office feel like hell? Start here.

  1. Personalized touch

A house becomes a home when a personal touch is added. It kicks out the haunting ghosts and replaces that with some happy soul. What then, you ask? Make your home a reflection of your inner self.

Let what you love be seen in your décor. Choose your favorite colors. The ones that make you feel cheesy. Go for fluffy and cossy fabric, the kind that make you feel tenderly taken care of. Don’t be afraid to display your sentimental items, the kind of art that inspires you.

Before you settle for any form of interior design, ask yourself this; does it feel like home? Don’t listen to the rules and trends, listen to your inner person and let that reflect on your walls, floor, curtains, table stands, lighting and even or bed linen.

  1. Memories that count.

Memories held and made in a space set up the mood and functionality. Hold functions that bring laughter and happiness in your house. Remember to take pictures of those moments and hang close. When you are alone or with people in that space, you will feel happy together reliving the memories.

If you spend a lot of time in that space, make it count. Share fun with others, celebrate achievements together, play games, invite people and meet new friends over functions. Let your space stock up happy moments and you will always feel at a home.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to making your house or office a home, power is in the details. For you to get mental and emotional support out of it, you have to make it a home. That can only happen if you make it a reflection of your inner self, the serene and calm place you know. You need that, don’t you?

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Ultimate Things to Do and Breathtaking Places to Visit in Vancouver, Canada

Ultimate Things to Do and Breathtaking Places to Visit in Vancouver, Canada

Whether you’ll be in Vancouver for a few weeks or you are planning to settle down, or you live in Toronto but planning to check out the rest of the country, you’ll soon realize that there is a lot you can do and many somewhat mystical sights waiting for you to discover them. There are relics from the past that will tickle your historical senses, and there also are thrilling outdoors activities that will send you out of your condo every waking minute.

Vancouver remains one of Canada’s most beautiful cities with the picturesque landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, the extensive laid back parks, urban beaches and pleasant people. With all these and so much more, you won’t get bored working as a CPA Toronto. Here are some of the things you should plan to do:

  • Cross Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you have been looking for a way to overcome your fear of heights, you should experience Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge. Originally constructed in 1889, this bridge is one of the oldest attraction sites in Canada. It is 450 feet long and 230 feet above the Capilano River. The long wire cable will give you revitalizing connection with nature and a good adrenaline rush. You can also take the walk further by walking along the Cliff Hanger Walk that snakes along the edge of the canyon.

  • Get panoramic views of the city

If you live for panoramic views of cities, then you should make your way up to the 55th floor of the Harbour Centre’s. The elevator ride lasts 40 seconds only leaving you excited by the time to reach the observatory deck. At the deck, you’ll have a view of the city’s magnificence. While on deck, don’t forget to enjoy a meal at the revolving restaurant.

  • Watch Movies at The Cinematheque

If you are looking for fun but laid-back experience, then you should go to The Cinematheque where you’ll watch all essential Cinema. Other than film showings, you can study film, media literacy or professional development.

  • Explore different adventures in Grouse Mountains

If you are making plans to visit Vancouver, you need to make sure that adventure at the Grouse Mountain is on your list of things to do. The mountain is perfect for sightseeing, and you’ll also get to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. You will enjoy ice-skating, snowshoeing, and helicopter rides. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you should also trek the Grouse Grind.

  • Take a trip down to Gastown

There is no better way to experience a city other than wandering around a city’s beautiful past. Though this is the oldest part of Vancouver, you will come across iron lampposts, restored Victorian Buildings, heritage structures, and cobblestone streets. You’ll also learn more about Jack Deighton’s adventured around the then Gassy Town.

You may also want to explore the historical scenes and the tasty noodles in China Town.

Other explorations include:

Spending the day at Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park, visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, visiting Granville Island and you can also pay the Science World at TELUS a visit.

These are just some of the adventures you can take part in. There are certainly are more magical places to visit and things to do. We promise you won’t be done with Vancouver and even Toronto soon!

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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Fall

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Fall

Fall always means switching a multi-purpose space to focus on scarves, hats, and turkey-related objects. Fall calls us to break out ahead of time and be ready while we keep winter from leaving us with clutter. Preparing for fall means getting your apartment ready as well.

You finally bought that condo you fell in love with from properties for sale, and now you are looking to spruce up your apartment for fall. Here are some of the tips that will help you be fall ready:

  1. Cycle the Closets

Winter makes us stuff our closets with coats and heavy clothes. Falls calls for brightness and freshness. You need always to cycle your closets with the seasons. By clearing the closet space, you make laundry easier, make sure you aren’t seasonal boots together, and you save on hangers.

Before fall season, make sure coats with loose buttons are repaired, and make sure your sweaters never picked up moths over summer. Also clean your hats, scarves, and mittens before summer.

  1. Balcony

If you have a balcony, it must have served you well over summer. However, it comes a time the seasons force you to say goodbye. The fall is popular for rain and blustery winds. If you have patio furniture out on your balcony, you need to make sure you tie it down.

Having furniture flying out your balcony is the last thing you need, and worse, hitting an innocent pedestrian or biker. You might also want to consider storing some of the things in your balcony away until the next summer season.

  1. Plants

If you have plants out on your balcony, you should try moving them inside, if their size permits. Find a spot in your apartment that gets enough sunlight. Your plants will still need sunlight. If you feel there is no way to save your plants from the seasonal changes, then you will have to compost them. Whatever you decide, just make sure your plant and flower pots are brought inside. Fall temperatures and rain tend to shatter the pots and leaving a mess you’d rather avoid.

  1. Baskets and Hooks

Fall is the season for hats, coats, scarves, and bags, so you need to make room for some of the fall accessories. Finding strategic space in your condo to place baskets and hooks to hang hats, scarves, and coats.

Place the baskets on the table or in space on your shelf. Baskets allow you to hide your items in plain sight. Use hooks to store the clothes that are meant to keep you cozy. For instant convenience, try inserting a double ceiling hook for your bags and scarves.

  1. Shoe Racks and Door Mats

Fall is a rainy, blustery, and slushy season. Fall comes with the need to do a lot of cleaning. It’s a season that calls for doormats and shoe racks to prevent dirt and also absorb moisture. If you want to encourage people to take off their shoes, consider having a doormat and a shoe rack next to the entrance.

  1. Mirrors and Candles

Mirrors help you trick your condo into being brighter. Strategically place a cluster of mirrors or a large mirror to brighten up your space. Also get scented candles in time for summer.


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How to Boost the Safety of Your Home

How to Boost the Safety of Your Home

Even when the burglary cases in your neighborhood increase, you can still keep your home safe from break-ins. This is because burglary is the easiest crime to prevent. Protecting your home is important because, even though you can replace your possessions, you may end up living in fear for the rest of your life because of one incident.  You may even have PTSD. So, to keep your home safe, you should do the following:

  1. Install state-of-the-art alarm systems

If you live in the best condos in Liberty Village, you have to install an alarm system. Your home is more important than your place of work. Therefore, you should get an alarm system that has both visual and audible warnings. It should also come with a link to a reputable and a reliable monitoring agency.

You can also have window shock alarms installed. The vibration will be enough to keep the intruders out.

  1. CCTV

Have the best security firm install a CCTV system which will allow for 24-hour monitoring of your home. A CCTV provides a great source of evidence when the burglar is caught. If you can, install infrared cameras.

  1. Protect your valuables

Safes are there to ensure that you stay safe and your valuables remain safe in case of an intrusion. Unless the burglars know you personally, keeping your valuables out of sign prevents harm in case of a break-in.

  1. Keep your home brightly lit

In most cases, a burglary takes place in dark corners and homes without proper lighting. So, to avert a burglary, you should keep your home well lit. You may also want to install sensor lights externally. That shock of full lit lights will send away all burglars.

  1. Keep your street number visible

In case of a break-in, you’ll want to get help fast, wouldn’t you? So, for the police to reach your home as soon as possible, ensure that your street number is visible. Also, your house number should be visible.

  1. Door Chimes

Just like it is in the movies, thieves get access into homes when you forget to lock the door when you get in. A door chime prevents the burglar from sneaking in because it will remind you that you haven’t locked the door.

  1. Smoke alarms

Your home’s safety isn’t all about who can get in; it also encompasses who can get out in case of a fire or an emergency. You should close your internal doors when home but you shouldn’t lock. If you have to lock the door, keep your keys close. You should also have the smoke alarm inspected to ensure that it is always in a good working condition.

  1. Use strong burglar-proof bars and gates. You can also include an electric perimeter wall.
  2. Always keep your gates, doors, and windows closed
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7 Ways of Making Your Home A Happy Place

7 Ways of Making Your Home A Happy Place

Make your home a place you never want to leave once you get in. As the place you go back to and wake up in, you should make it a haven.

  1. Let The Sun Shine

Even when you foresee a long day tax planning Toronto, you can easily lift your mood and look forward to the rest of the day by letting in the sun’s rays. Keep your windows clean and clean off any streaks on the glass. You can use a dry brush to sweep away dust from the frames and sponge the glass with soapy water. The sun will warm you up, and even on cloudy days, the natural light will still sneak in and brighten the space.

  1. Make your bed

For a cheery day, make your bed. If you end up having the worst day, it will feel good to come back to a well-made bed. Making your bed also means you’ll wake up in an upbeat mood. You will also stay organized all day long.

You should also keep your bed comfy – invest in a good mattress and luxurious bedding, jersey knitting, and satin sheets.

  1. Bring in Fresh Flowers

A vase with fresh flowers will automatically liven up your home. Flowers lift your mood instantly, and by placing flowers on your kitchen table, you create a positive connection with nature. You can get flowers in season and add your favorites whenever you can.

  1. Add Greenery

Besides the flowers, you can bring nature indoors by planting indoor plants in pots. Besides adding color and brightening up your home, the plants will freshen the air around your home. You should opt for succulent plants or cacti because they don’t need constant watering.

Plants bring in something else – a calm and a cheerful environment improving your overall wellbeing.

  1. Set up a Cozy Corner

Create your space even where you can call it your own. However small your big your home is, you can always dedicate one corner to yourself.  You can make it a crafting space or just a special space with a comfy seat for you to unwind at. You should let the corner reflect what you love the most whether a computer, typewriter or a modern tall fan. Knowing that you have a special space to go home to, your home will feel happy automatically.

  1. Keep your home clean and tidy

The most important factor to consider when looking to create a happy home is cleanliness. A dirty home is stressful so, even when tired, you should tidy up space and keep out clutter. Uncluttered space is easy to clean, and it makes your home happy.

  1. Play joyful music

Music increases endorphins, the feel-good hormones which have a positive effect on your mood and attitude. If you play an instrument, create a space for playing. You may want a comfy couch where you can sit and enjoy music.

Final Thoughts

You should also consider displaying items of sentimental value around your home, start a daily, one-line gratitude journal, call a friend or family member and buy things that will make your home happier.

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5 Ways To Turn Your City Condo Into The Home Of Your Dreams

Condo living is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the convenience it gives city dwellers on their commute to work and school every morning. If you get the ideal space, then your condo will make the perfect place to raise a family. And who said you are limited as far as decoration goes?

5 Ways To Turn Your City Condo Into The Home Of Your Dreams

Vintage All The Way

Old is gold and it makes everything look super classy in the same way that a T1135 voluntary disclosure looks good in your records. Nothing like a vintage collection to transport your home back to the 60s. Colors such as red, brown, maroon, and green have a way of changing your home’s outlook and brightening the space, making it look much bigger than it is.  You can always throw in a few books and catalogues to complete the look if space allows.

Nature In Your Home

Nature lover, condos may not give you the option to have plants in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a bit of green in the city. Potted plants will do well in the house as long as you gave them at a spot where they can access some light. You also want to select a condo with large windows that allow in as much natural lighting as possible.

Simple Elegance

Colors on the wall will make or break your home. Simplicity is elegance as you will notice by having just one shade on your walls. Go for bright but beautiful colors, such as green fir calmness and orange that exudes excitement. Whichever palette you choose, align it with your furniture. If you opt for wallpaper, then you want to ensure that you don’t overwhelm any other part of the décor. Simplicity is key as anything too consuming will make our living room look small.

The Elegant Wall

Now, this part of your living room should be inspired by your personal style. You want to include the things that make you happy without cluttering space so as not to make the room look even smaller. To complete the look, you want excellent lighting. Chandeliers and pedant lamps will complete this look perfectly.

Glass Is Class

Glass makes everything look much more elegant than it is, doesn’t it? Seeing as you cannot just change the partition of your condo to suit your liking, you will have to be keen with your choice of house from the beginning. Glass opens the space up and males it look larger than it is while giving you excellent views of the city.