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How You Can Reduce Summer Energy Expenses

How You Can Reduce Summer Energy Expenses

When you want to save a few buck here and there to hire a French tutor Brampton or do something extraordinary, reducing energy use can help you a great deal. Not only will you reduce energy costs when you use less energy, but you will also reduce energy consumption entirely.

Reducing energy consumption is also a means of living a sustainable, efficient, and frugal life. Here are some of the ways you can reduce energy costs during summer:

  1. Washing

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to washing by hand and daily chores like dish and clothing washing. However, if you are looking to save energy, you should consider washing by hand rather than using a washing or a drying machine.

You can use cold water if you still insist on using a washing machine rather than heating it. When it comes to washing dishes, wash the knives and forks by hand, then use a dishwasher if you have a load of dishes. However, instead of enabling the heated dry feature just dry the dishes with a cloth before you put them away.

  1. Air Conditioning

This is one of the most energy consuming amenities in our homes. Air conditioning can be useful for certain climates, but you also tend to waste some energy via the A/C. Before you consider turning on the A/C, consider closing the drapes and blinds to cool your condo since the direct sun is the primary heat generator.

When you keep the windows, and the blinds closed throughout the day, the hot air doesn’t invade your space. You can open the windows when the sun sets because the air outside will have cooled. So you will let the breeze flow through the room cooling and circulate the air.

If this criterion doesn’t work, then you can turn on the air conditioner just don’t overdo it, instead keep the temperature to a reasonable degree. This will make sure that you keep your energy bill manageable and comfortable as well.

  1. Electronics And Appliances

Unplugging your electronics and appliances has to be the easiest way to cut down on energy waste. You will also significantly lower your electricity bill. If you have applicants that are always plugged in then make sure that they are turned off whenever you are not using them. Make sure that the lights are also not on during the day or when the rooms are unoccupied. Shopping at an affordable online headshop with quality dry herb devices can save on electricity as well.

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Window Options That Will Help You Salvage Windows with a Horrible View

Window Options That Will Help You Salvage Windows with a Horrible View

If you live a highly urbanized room, then your window’s view probably includes ugly billboards or walls of buildings next to you. You lack a gorgeous room if you live in tight quarters.

After tirelessly looking for a personal injury lawyer online, a gorgeous view can help relax you. So rather than staring at a brick wall, you can get creative with some of the ideas we are going to give you and salvage a window with a horrible view:

  1. Incorporate Indoor Plants

Plants tend to act as attractive distractions. You can use the plants to make the ugly view less visible creatively. You also need to hang sheer curtains, then place the plants. Pots of ferns are one of the plants that look good in front of the window.

If you use sheer curtains as your background to make the plants stand out and make the ugly view fade away. Some plant ideas include English ivy, spider plants, philodendrons, burro’s trial, and pothos. You can also line the pots in front of a window.

For the floor consider floors like Massangeana, snake plants and varieties of Dracaena. You can also put a beautiful console table against the window and place a few pots of some Phalaenopsis.

  1. Use Mirrors to Reflect and Distract

Mirrors can also help you deflect the attention from the horrible view and create optical illusions. Put a mirror on the wall beside the window and angle it to reflect a tapestry, pretty painting, or a plant grouping. You have to make sure that the mirror is arranged in wall décor.

  1. Hang an Amazing Mobile Over Your Window

If you don’t like plants, you have the alternative of hanging fantastic mobile against the curtains. All you need to make sure that you select a theme that will complement the rest of your décor. Hang something made of pottery pieces if you paint is earthy.

  1. Install Etched or Stained Glass

If the window is large or in a prominent part of the room, you should consider using etched or stained glass to block the horrible view. Look for a stained glass that is precisely sized to have replaced or fit over the glass that’s already there.

Fitting it right will make sure that you can still be able to open the window whenever you need to. Make sure the design is attractive and eye-catching, the last thing you need is another horrible or boring view.

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Bohemian Room Décor for Your Condo

Bohemian Room Décor for Your Condo

Getting bohemian room décor and nailing it can be very tricky to achieve. Popularly, the word Bohemian is associated with images of hippies, world travelers, and artists. This means the style is eclectic and romantic and conveys a free-spirited sense of an artistic person.

The same way you have lots of options when you are looking for an injury lawyer, you have endless possibilities when it comes to bohemian room décor. However, you don’t have to turn your condo into a big hodgepodge; you can keep it chic. Here are some of the rules you should consider:

  1. Consider The Mood

Be open to embracing the unusual whether in fabric, furniture, or art. You have options like Moroccan poufs, hammock chairs, and tribal art. You can also use vintage streamlines or modern colors, with chic boho style you can juxtapose anything.

Do whatever your inner gypsy wants. Use warm, romantic lighting in your condo for bohemian décor. Embrace embellished surfaces and bold colors.

  1. Colors and Patterns

If you want to make your condo look bohemian, make bold patterns and bright hues your signature style. Look for 2-3 chic patterns that will coordinate with your palette and mix in unique textures in colors that are neutral.

Florals are a necessity when it comes to bohemian décor. Floral fabrics give a fanciful and hippie vibe. You can also look for abstract geometric florals.

  1. Materials and Texture

You want to make your condo look more patina so opt for rustic textures like antiqued surfaces and unfinished wood. Macrame and crochet are never frumpy. Embrace handmade arts for blanket embellishment, curtains, and hanging plant holders.  Greenery is also perfect for chic boho décor.

  1. Objects

For bohemian style more is more. Layer your condo surfaces with travel mementos and art for a chaotic yet happy look. Display specific collections for a more chic vibe and dramatic impact. Whether you shop for Etsy or DIY, you need handmade crafts.

Appeal to your gypsy senses with incense and candles in exotic fragrances like frankincense, amber, ginger, mandarin, and saffron. To complete your bohemian décor, you can display travel souvenirs. Everywhere you go, collect décor and art for your home. Then you can hand the global treasures in prominent spots in your condo.


For you’re a touch of bohemian décor in your condo, you have to embrace your individuality and creativity. Express yourself by decorating with anything that will showcase your artistic personality.