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How to Boost the Safety of Your Home

How to Boost the Safety of Your Home

Even when the burglary cases in your neighborhood increase, you can still keep your home safe from break-ins. This is because burglary is the easiest crime to prevent. Protecting your home is important because, even though you can replace your possessions, you may end up living in fear for the rest of your life because of one incident.  You may even have PTSD. So, to keep your home safe, you should do the following:

  1. Install state-of-the-art alarm systems

If you live in the best condos in Liberty Village, you have to install an alarm system. Your home is more important than your place of work. Therefore, you should get an alarm system that has both visual and audible warnings. It should also come with a link to a reputable and a reliable monitoring agency.

You can also have window shock alarms installed. The vibration will be enough to keep the intruders out.

  1. CCTV

Have the best security firm install a CCTV system which will allow for 24-hour monitoring of your home. A CCTV provides a great source of evidence when the burglar is caught. If you can, install infrared cameras.

  1. Protect your valuables

Safes are there to ensure that you stay safe and your valuables remain safe in case of an intrusion. Unless the burglars know you personally, keeping your valuables out of sign prevents harm in case of a break-in.

  1. Keep your home brightly lit

In most cases, a burglary takes place in dark corners and homes without proper lighting. So, to avert a burglary, you should keep your home well lit. You may also want to install sensor lights externally. That shock of full lit lights will send away all burglars.

  1. Keep your street number visible

In case of a break-in, you’ll want to get help fast, wouldn’t you? So, for the police to reach your home as soon as possible, ensure that your street number is visible. Also, your house number should be visible.

  1. Door Chimes

Just like it is in the movies, thieves get access into homes when you forget to lock the door when you get in. A door chime prevents the burglar from sneaking in because it will remind you that you haven’t locked the door.

  1. Smoke alarms

Your home’s safety isn’t all about who can get in; it also encompasses who can get out in case of a fire or an emergency. You should close your internal doors when home but you shouldn’t lock. If you have to lock the door, keep your keys close. You should also have the smoke alarm inspected to ensure that it is always in a good working condition.

  1. Use strong burglar-proof bars and gates. You can also include an electric perimeter wall.
  2. Always keep your gates, doors, and windows closed
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7 Ways of Making Your Home A Happy Place

7 Ways of Making Your Home A Happy Place

Make your home a place you never want to leave once you get in. As the place you go back to and wake up in, you should make it a haven.

  1. Let The Sun Shine

Even when you foresee a long day tax planning Toronto, you can easily lift your mood and look forward to the rest of the day by letting in the sun’s rays. Keep your windows clean and clean off any streaks on the glass. You can use a dry brush to sweep away dust from the frames and sponge the glass with soapy water. The sun will warm you up, and even on cloudy days, the natural light will still sneak in and brighten the space.

  1. Make your bed

For a cheery day, make your bed. If you end up having the worst day, it will feel good to come back to a well-made bed. Making your bed also means you’ll wake up in an upbeat mood. You will also stay organized all day long.

You should also keep your bed comfy – invest in a good mattress and luxurious bedding, jersey knitting, and satin sheets.

  1. Bring in Fresh Flowers

A vase with fresh flowers will automatically liven up your home. Flowers lift your mood instantly, and by placing flowers on your kitchen table, you create a positive connection with nature. You can get flowers in season and add your favorites whenever you can.

  1. Add Greenery

Besides the flowers, you can bring nature indoors by planting indoor plants in pots. Besides adding color and brightening up your home, the plants will freshen the air around your home. You should opt for succulent plants or cacti because they don’t need constant watering.

Plants bring in something else – a calm and a cheerful environment improving your overall wellbeing.

  1. Set up a Cozy Corner

Create your space even where you can call it your own. However small your big your home is, you can always dedicate one corner to yourself.  You can make it a crafting space or just a special space with a comfy seat for you to unwind at. You should let the corner reflect what you love the most whether a computer, typewriter or painting supplies. Knowing that you have a special space to go home to, your home will feel happy automatically.

  1. Keep your home clean and tidy

The most important factor to consider when looking to create a happy home is cleanliness. A dirty home is stressful so, even when tired, you should tidy up space and keep out clutter. Uncluttered space is easy to clean, and it makes your home happy.

  1. Play joyful music

Music increases endorphins, the feel-good hormones which have a positive effect on your mood and attitude. If you play an instrument, create a space for playing. You may want a comfy couch where you can sit and enjoy music.

Final Thoughts

You should also consider displaying items of sentimental value around your home, start a daily, one-line gratitude journal, call a friend or family member and buy things that will make your home happier.


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5 Ways To Turn Your City Condo Into The Home Of Your Dreams

Condo living is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the convenience it gives city dwellers on their commute to work and school every morning. If you get the ideal space, then your condo will make the perfect place to raise a family. And who said you are limited as far as decoration goes?

5 Ways To Turn Your City Condo Into The Home Of Your Dreams

Vintage All The Way

Old is gold and it makes everything look super classy in the same way that a T1135 voluntary disclosure looks good in your records. Nothing like a vintage collection to transport your home back to the 60s. Colors such as red, brown, maroon, and green have a way of changing your home’s outlook and brightening the space, making it look much bigger than it is.  You can always throw in a few books and catalogues to complete the look if space allows.

Nature In Your Home

Nature lover, condos may not give you the option to have plants in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a bit of green in the city. Potted plants will do well in the house as long as you gave them at a spot where they can access some light. You also want to select a condo with large windows that allow in as much natural lighting as possible.

Simple Elegance

Colors on the wall will make or break your home. Simplicity is elegance as you will notice by having just one shade on your walls. Go for bright but beautiful colors, such as green fir calmness and orange that exudes excitement. Whichever palette you choose, align it with your furniture. If you opt for wallpaper, then you want to ensure that you don’t overwhelm any other part of the décor. Simplicity is key as anything too consuming will make our living room look small.

The Elegant Wall

Now, this part of your living room should be inspired by your personal style. You want to include the things that make you happy without cluttering space so as not to make the room look even smaller. To complete the look, you want excellent lighting. Chandeliers and pedant lamps will complete this look perfectly.

Glass Is Class

Glass makes everything look much more elegant than it is, doesn’t it? Seeing as you cannot just change the partition of your condo to suit your liking, you will have to be keen with your choice of house from the beginning. Glass opens the space up and males it look larger than it is while giving you excellent views of the city.

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How to Give Your Condo a Personal Touch

How to Give Your Condo a Personal Touch

You finally purchased that condo you have been eyeing for a couple of months now, but something is missing! It doesn’t quite feel like your home! Unless you put a personal stamp on a new home, it is not really your home.

You finally have a condo of your own, you have recovered from the exhaustion and stress of moving, and you have the best tax lawyer Canada and the only thing left is giving the condo a personal touch. Here are tips you should consider:

  1. Add Different Decorations

The chances are that the condos in your neighborhood have the same paint job. You could decide to paint the condo afresh, or you could add wallpaper to distinguish your condo from the rest. We recommend adding wallpaper instead of a new paint job because you can choose different designs for different rooms in your condo. Wallpapers also have a way of making a living space pop.

If your condo has heavy window treatments, you could swap them for sheer drapes. Sheer drapes will add more natural light to your living space and add softness to your condo. Change the light ambiance according to your personal needs.

  1. Add New Furniture

Furniture is one of the key factors that help people incorporate their creativity into the condo’s décor. Look furniture designs that flatter your personality. You can also spice up the bathroom and kitchen cabinets to serve your needs.

To add a unique and colorful look, try to get pieces that have glass accents, reflective surfaces, and mirrors. You could also replace the door knobs with vintage features. You could also pitch some of your creative DIY projects and blend them into your living space.

  1. Add Art Collections

If you already have artworks, display them on your walls. One of the ways to personalize your home décor is by hanging some of the art collections you own, your kid’s handicrafts, souvenirs from some of your travels, and even canvases of family photos.

Showcase any artwork that tells your story, or you kids and family’s story. Eclectic art collection reflects your personality and life. Art also serves as a perfect conversation starter when you have guests over.

  1. Trend Stylishly, Not Carefully

Buying a condo could be one of the best investments you ever made, so don’t be limited or too careful. Redo the spaces and replace the floors if you have to, it will be all worth it.

Final thought

Hiring a home stylist could make the process much easier and less exhausting for you. An interior designer can help you get the best luxury furnishings and flooring, whatever you need they will make it simpler to achieve the best results.

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Accessorizing your Condo’s Living Room – The 8 Don’ts

Accessorizing your Condo’s Living Room – The 8 Don’ts

Before accessorizing, the living room looks blah, and you may think to yourself, why not get a few accessories to brighten up space and to add some character? That is great thinking, well, until, you bring in the right accessories the wrong way or you go off the charts and use the wrong accessories.

As a Toronto math tutor, interior décor may not be up your sleeves but, you can perfect it by avoiding the following mistakes:

  1. Don’t use a rug a floating rug

Scale and style come together when it comes to rugs. You’ll be surprised to note that many people make this mistake which you’ve also made – the rug shouldn’t be floating in the middle of the room. When accessorizing, buy a rug that is large enough to fit all the furniture legs.

  1. Don’t Clutter instead of accessorizing

Too many accessories will create an ugly mess. Even if you are a collector, you should buy everything you find and keep all that stuff on all surfaces. Accessories only stand out when displayed minimally. If you accumulate too much stuff, give some away or keep them in storage swapping them occasionally.

  1. Don’t buy or display accessories that don’t match the room’s design

Accessories are there only to accentuate the room. When exhibiting bold/ bright colors, ensure that the items don’t appear too eccentric. Even if you love a color too much, don’t overuse it.  A bold color only looks better on accessories but, it shouldn’t be overdone. At the same time, too many colors make a room disconnected.

  1. Don’t use many throw pillows

Let’s just agree that throw pillows only work better for pillow fights. Though they also make the room bright, too many pillows are a distraction, and your visitors will miss sitting space. Keep throw pillows to a minimum to avoid cluttering the room.

  1. Don’t use short curtains

Short curtains just look tacky, and it will look that you just ran out of fabric! So, before dressing your windows, you should measure the distance between the rod and the floor then purchase panels of the same length or even longer ones. If it pools on the floor, you can have it hemmed, but that won’t happen if the panels are too short.

  1. Don’t match everything

Everyone does it but, it is boring! You will make your home more interesting if you mix things up. Mixing furniture and colors creates a professional look. If you are into monochromatic colors, you can improve your home’s allure by incorporating different textures.

  1. Don’t hang pictures and artwork too high on the wall

Even when hanging artwork above furniture, you should look at the piece like a magnet drawing the art down onto it. You should always hang wall art at eye level unless you are in a gallery where the pieces can go up to the ceiling.

  1. Don’t buy accessories that are too small

If it’s too small, then it will just look silly. It will also get lost easily. You should always look for accessories of a substantial size.

Final thoughts

You should keep in mind that all styles have rules including eclectic décor.  You shouldn’t mix styles and patterns, and your accessories must blend with your style. You shouldn’t forget to add a plant to your home. Make sure your living room brings out your personality.

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How to Decorate a Rental Apartment

How to Decorate a Rental Apartment

Having a beautiful, personalized home is one of our biggest dreams. Everyone looks forward to the day they move out of their folk’s home into their apartments. It takes time and money to build a home. However, rental houses serve the purpose while you save for your place.

We all want to live in a beautiful and attractive place. Having a house means having family and family over every once in a while. We all want to enjoy pizza or Kanida Chey’s shrimp eccobeche in a comfortable setting. Rental apartments can be limiting because it’s not your property. However, there are ways you can decorate a rental apartment to make it personalized.

  1. Focus on The Parts that matter to you

The idea behind decorating is to consider practicality, comfort and the ability of an apartment to respond to your needs. However, you do not have to do a complete makeover; you can just focus on the parts of the house that matter for you. For example the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

  1. Consider the Architecture

Since it’s a rental apartment, it is vital to consider the structure of the house. Make use of the shapes and built-in tricks to make the place attractive and unusual. Let the room’s natural circulation lead you into understanding the shape better. Every corner of the apartment matters.

  1. Display Your Personal Belongings

If you want to decorate your rental apartment and give it a homey feel, show your important collections as accessories. You could do that by hanging favorite travel landscapes, family portraits or you could refinish the furniture to make it remind you of your personality.

  1. Personalize the space with wall decals

Wall decals refresh a dull room. You can bring a dash of joy and color into your rooms by using your favorite quotes, floral prints or energetic patterns. Wall decals are cheap and easy to personalize. However, keep it straightforward and attractive.

  1. Add Some Texture

The cozy place can’t be beaten! Add texture to your rooms by choosing some throws or accent pillows that complement the space. You add a rug or simple accessories to give the room a personal touch. Different textures give eyes something to take in.

  1. Introduce Your Favorite Periods

If you have always desired to decorate your house with style inspired by some of the favorite times, you are allowed to do so. If you always wanted to have a 1900s library at home, you could incorporate that in a rental apartment.

Get a bookshelf and fill it with timeless classic books, masterpieces, and a cozy chair to make your room as you imagined it. You could also buy antiques that mirror your favorite periods and put them in different rooms of the house.

  1. Embrace the Unusual

If you want to make your rental apartment unique, incorporate unusual items. For example, you could turn a window frame into an open shelve, add a coffee table made of wooden legs in the kitchen. You could also use geometric wooden shelves to replace your living room cabinetry.

Final Thought

Style is different for all people, and it complements our personalities. To make your rental apartment more fitting for you, do what you feel works best for your personality while keeping it simple and attractive.

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Brighten up Interior Spaces – How to Let in More Light into your Home and Your Life

Brighten up Interior Spaces – How to Let in More Light into your Home and Your Life

The right light lightens your mood too.

The atmosphere, ambiance and the flow of your home are important for your relaxation and alertness. These two elements rely on the brightness or the dimness of light. Though soft light makes us want to lie down and sleep or chill, your home shouldn’t be a sleeping trap. It should be a place to grow, learn and bond. The right lighting will make all that and the sleeping possible.

Here are the tricks employed by interior designers to lighten up spaces:

Layer the lighting

Layering creates the right ambiance and also sparks interest in a room. Uplighting is an effective strategy applicable when you wish to make the room look bigger. Incorporate low-hanging pendants which create an illusion of clusters and height for large rooms to look homely and cozier.

Is the light helpful?

We often forget to consider what we’ll use the light for. As a law student preparing for you law paper on the anti-avoidance rule, you will need directional and flexible lighting aimed away from you. For cooking, you require concentrated lighting in the form of recess lighting and downlights. On the other hand, dimmers work well when you are looking for a warm and an energy efficient room.

For the best of all lighting features, you should consider getting dimming switches which will help you to control the quality of light during the day or at night.

Interior décor and design

If the design of your home features high ceilings, you may want to consider increasing the level of light to make the room bright. Do this by adding more bulbs and if possible, use extra table lights.

For rooms painted using dark colors, you’ll have to increase the level of brightness of your light because dark colors absorb color and bright colors reflect color.

Incorporate mood lighting

You aren’t just making the whole space bright but also that thing that lifts your mood when light shines on it. For mood lighting, you may want to use wall lights, table lights, and picture lights. These lights add interest to specific areas and objects of interest. For maximum benefits, let the light shine on your favorite object.

Get the right side of fixtures

For the right amount of light to shine in your house, you need to consider getting the best fixtures. Avoid oversized table lamps of too small chandeliers.

For the right size of the chandelier, you should add together your room’s height and the width in feet. That number, when converted into inches represents the ideal size of your chandelier. Also, don’t eyeball the chandeliers in showrooms because they look bigger than they are.

Consider where shadows fall

If placed in the wrong spot, light creates a shadow which presents a bigger problem.  To avoid shadows in the bathroom, put sconces on either side of the mirror rather than the front of the mirror.

Longer and horizontal lights are better than single bulbs for full illumination. For your office, choose a task lamp.

Finally, bulbs consume energy. Go for energy efficient LED and CFL bulbs. They cost more upfront but are worth more in the long run.

Don’t forget to use brightly colored curtains or blinds that let in natural light.

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5 Benefits of Living In Vancouver

5 Benefits of Living In Vancouver

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If you’re thinking of moving to Vancouver, then you’re on the right path. Vancouver is an exciting city that holds a lot of opportunity for the people who move there. Everyone in this bustling city is able to find comfort in the city of Vancouver and make it their own.

Unlike a lot of big cities, Vancouver has a homey feel to it that so many other places lack. So what makes Vancouver such a great home? We spoke with one Vancouver personal injury lawyer to find out her thoughts.

Hop Into Nature

Vancouver is the perfect mix of scenic nature and eclectic city. To one side of the city you have the vast and expansive Pacific Ocean, which seems to sprawl on forever. On the other side, there are the stunning Rocky Mountains, which tower above the city. This creates an atmosphere for the weekend warrior to get out to one of the nine beaches in the city or go for an exciting hike through the hills.

Incredible Weather

Unlike many other areas of Canada, Vancouver prides itself on not having any snow. The weather in the city is incredible, which makes for warm summers and comfortable winters that don’t leave you freezing. There’s a fair amount of rain in the city, but that’s just a good excuse to pull out a book and enjoy the coffee.

The Coffee Scene

The coffee scene in Vancouver is one of the highlights if you’re a coffee lover yourself. The city holds itself to a high standard to produce quality coffee that keeps you going through this lively city. You won’t struggle to find a cool and unique coffee shop to sit back and people watch, catch up with friends, or power through some work.

Top Notch Public Transport

The public transport in Vancouver is reliable and affordable, making it a preferable way to travel through the city instead of with a vehicle. The main feature of the public transport is the sky rail, which is a subway that takes people above the city, instead of underground like many rail systems are designed in other cities.

A Young and Vibrant City

There is a prevailing youth culture within Vancouver that keeps the city fresh and exciting no matter the season or time of day. You can be sure that there’s always something fun going on that you won’t want to miss.

Living in Vancouver will be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, especially if you live an active lifestyle. Between the nature and bustling city life, great public transport, and weather compared to other Canadian cities, what’s not to love?

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Thor Espresso Bar

Espresso bars are often conceived as being a novelty of sorts, only appealing to people who are very serious about their coffee needs. While that still remains relatively true, it doesn’t mean that it’s limited to only that variety of person – Thor Espresso bar in King West is really looking to change the way people approach businesses like these. The co-owners Patrick Tu and Tom Junek has become absolutely accustomed to the “Slayer”, which is their beast of an espresso machine (and easily one of the coolest ones you’ll ever find on this planet). The machine itself is gigantic, and there’s a paddle that will adjust the water pressure, according to the espresso pull being input. The levels vary from one to nine, while most retail espresso machines only work with nine all the way through. When you go from one to nine, the taste/flavour of the espresso is much richer – not only that, but the fragrance is much more appealing as well.

To be specific, this is the 77th espresso machine of this kind that has been built on the planet, and it’s the only one you’ll be able to make use of in Toronto. Whether you want a Latte with a beautiful image embroidered into the foam, or just a dark and hard cup of espresso, they’ve got you covered. That’s not the only thing they’ve got to offer up, though, as they also have a variety of pastries and other snacks to pick from. It’s like your traditional café, except with a little more enthusiasm put behind the entire process. Panini’s are readily available due to the panini press, and all of the pastries are sourced from both Desmond & Beatrice/Circles & Squares.

This Scandinavian influenced café (hence the ‘Thor’ reference) is sure to draw a crowd when people begin to find out about it. It’s really just a matter of time before Torontonians get out there and experience what the Thor Espresso Bar has to offer for themselves!

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Nepal Pari Nail SPA

When you’re looking to get a pedicure or manicure done (or anything related to your nails at all), you want to make sure that you’re going to the right place. Most of the time it’s going to cost a decent amount of money, so you always want to know who’s going to be handling your needs beforehand – that’s why people tend to get into the habit of seeing the same spa’s over and over. Nepal Pari Nai Spa is one of the best nail spas and treatment centers you’ll find around King West in Toronto, and that’s because they’re your “complete solution for beauty”. Anybody who has been there personally will tell you that the job they do is quite good, and they really don’t cut any corners.

They offer up both foot and hand care, which means your toe and finger nails are always accounted for. They’ll wash, cut and finish your foot with ease, and even go as far as giving you an amazing facial. They can help out with any acne treatments or anti-aging processes you may be interested in, as well as microdermabrasion. They specialize in massages, including hot stone and aromatherapy! Not only that, but Swedish is included as well – the body wraps and body exfoliation processes they offer up are also a nice thing to take into account. Body wraps are something a lot of people are seeking out these days, but they can be tough to find (at a reasonable price, anyways); but that’s not the case anymore! Nepal Pari Nail Spa offers up body wraps and cellulite treatments, all at an affordable rate.

If you want to look your best, Nepal Pari Nail Spa can help you out. Depilation and Lipo Laser treatments are easy obtainable, and all of the other services are going to be handled by only the most professional workers around. If you want a relaxing experience, you’ll want to come to Nepal Pari Nail Spa!