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How To Make a Dark Room Brighter

How To Make a Dark Room Brighter

Brighter rooms can improve your health and make you more protective. The same way you can hire a tutor physics to make your kids better academically, you can also make your dark rooms more inviting and cozy. Also getting in touch with a mobile cleanroom company like Astropak can be super beneficial. Here are some of the steps that can help:

  1. Get High Wattage Bulbs

If your bulbs and lamps are not giving enough light, you need to up their wattage. Use the highest wattage that’s allowed in each. They can be a bit expensive, but they will make your room brighter and also save you money overnight.

The bathrooms and kitchens are need lights that are in between blue and white ranges. The living room and bedroom, need a yellowish range that offers you a soft white, and blue range with a daylight effect, especially for near reading chairs.

  1. Avoid Blocking Out Windows

Use adjustable curtains and shades in airy fabrics and light colors. Thick curtains and heavy valances minimize the natural light in your rooms and make them enclosed. Keeping your window treatments at the minimal will drastically improve the natural light into your rooms.

  1. Use Light Colors to Decorate

If you have a lease on the house, you can paint the dark colors with light colors like tan, white, or greige. However, if the contract doesn’t allow you to re-paint, then you can choose décor and fabrics that have delicate patterns and light in color. You can select more washed-out and pale colors rather than going all white.

  1. Get Rid of the Dark and Bulky Furniture

Bring in furniture that has a lighter shade of wood or that’s white. You use delicate pieces that have clean lines. Use furniture that has high shine surfaces like chrome, brass, lacquer, or brass to help you reflect the light.

  1. Place Mirrors in Strategic Spots

Mirrors will help reflect right so the trick is to place them across the lighting or windows where they will be able to bounce the natural light around your room. Mirrors tend to look incredible above sofas and mantles, in entryways or when hung strategically. They will make the room appear bigger and brighten it as well.

  1. Decorate Minimally

To make your room appear brighter, you can streamline your space by decluttering. The room will seem more open and bigger which will give it a brighter feeling. Reorganize your house and cleat some of the things that make it look untidy and squeezed. The room will be brighter and less messy.