Looking for a Reputable Toronto Moving Company?

Moving in Toronto tends to be something that happens a bit more frequently than other cities. Toronto is a city in transit with many in short-term or rental housing arrangements. Consequently, Toronto Movers are a busy bunch. Hiring the services of a mover helps to offload a great deal of the stress that comes with relocating.

Condomove.ca works with a variety of movers in Toronto that are of the highest possibly quality and includes teams that are the city’s highest rated as well as award winning.

We personally compare prices and connect our clients with the best Toronto movers with an extremely fast turn around time.

How our Toronto Movers differ

  1. Highest level of reliability- Our Toronto movers are the kind that keep a thorough checklist and don’t miss a beat. We all know one check is not thorough enough so they check and check again. Each team keeps a standard checklist, record of calls and important particulars concerning your valuables. They pride themselves on adding a bit of extra padding of time to make sure they can coordinate with your schedule including reservations on building service elevators. Moreover, this team of Toronto movers are in constant contact with updates via phone and keep in touch to let you know of any schedule changes or hiccups that they encounter along the way.
  2. Accurate Quoting- This is one of the areas that has become incredibly fuzzy in the moving industry. Many companies will tack on hidden fees for team members and/or moving equipment that is both not your responsibility and unnecessary. Admin staff of our Toronto movers get in touch by phone to review the request and may ask questions about additional items not included or extra assistance you may require. All arrival and departure times are documented to the minute to make sure there are no overcharges on increments of time. As an added bonus, there may be discounts for paying cash that can be a nice cherry on top.
  3. Cautious and Caring– Your furniture and packed items are your most coveted possessions and so we treat them like they’re our own. Our movers come with blankets, tape, bubble wrap and other items to make sure not so much as a knick takes place. Most importantly, they don’t rush moving larger items and take the proper amount of time to plan a route, which minimizes risk. In the event of a problem, our companies carry full insurance to replace any items that may be damaged.
  4. Additional Care– Need someone to provide boxes? Need someone to pack? Need someone to pack and label? Not a problem at all. Our team of Toronto movers has seen it all and provides custom services to clients who need an extra helping hand. Stuck in the middle of a Toronto move and need storage? We can help locate one for you and handle the associated transport.

Our team prides themselves on being a business that has growth through raving referrals.

The idea is that good service tends to spread among social circles. That’s why our Toronto movers get most of their business through word of mouth.

Get in contact with us today to let us know how we can take the headache out of moving.

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