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3 Easy Ways to Vamp Up Your Work Space

3 Easy Ways to Vamp Up Your Work space

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how much you hate your workplace; you spend the most of your time there. You better make that place friendly and productive for you or you might end up booking an appointment with your doctor for stress, or getting a letter of dismissal for failing the company or both.

Do you spend your entire day wishing you were elsewhere? What if you can bring that dream, closer home. It doesn’t matter if you work with Canadian Tax Help and you process problems all day, or you work at Forbes and you see paper all day. What matters is whether or not your space is comfortable and functional enough to boost your productivity.

Ready? Here are ways to pimp your work space:

1. Get a plant

Are you kidding me? Yes, you heard me right. Plants are an all-time décor. You can never run out of options to choose from. Whether you want spiky or smooth, bright, dull, or even architectural, the limit is your imagination. The won’t only make your space feel like home; they literally add life by purifying air and giving something to take care of. A reason to stretch a little You have to water it to keep it serving you. Don’t get attached though, you might end up living there.

2. Use a theme

If you always click on the themes on your computer screen and find yourself drifting to wonderland, wake up; it is here. You can create a theme that you like and blend it on your walls, your screen wallpaper, the pen holder or even the picture frame sitting on your desk.

The secret here is to personalize that space within the limits of your organization. Don’t go crazy on a conservative space, you might get fired. You could go for spirals, strips, colored or monochrome. Whatever works for you, let that space look something like a palace.

3. Declutter

This is a must do purge up system. Your office is probably depressing because you get lost in the clutter. Cleaning up and organizing creates more space and peace of mind. It makes your mind focus on the little important tasks and not on a heap of responsibilities. Going minimal does the trick. You could ditch your agenda books for sticker notes or chalk calendars.

Only keep the books you need in the office and let the rest go where they are needed. You could even donate some if you are not using. When your space looks great, it will reflect on your work performance.

4. Accessorice

How many USB ports do you have on your computer? One can hold an accessory for you. Better still, you could use some art on the walls, get cable holders for your cables, ditch the old mug for an artistic pen holder, get a funny dachshund mail organizer or simply throw in a lamp holder design by your desk to do the magic.

You could also try some cool fabric and textiles for the cossy feel or even line up mirrors around if you the room to seem bigger. Think of all the cute things that will make it feel like home and bring them along.

5. Color your world

Who said you have to stick to dull and brown colors to look like you know what you are doing?Color has a way of adding some energy. If you are to perform better, energy is a must. Use bright and distinguishing colors to complete your theme. It is never that serious, you could just buy paint and do it yourself.


The idea of making the workplace friendly and comfortable is to make a home at the place where you spend most of your time. You have the power to improve your productivity by adding in some inspiration. This can only be possible if you personalize that space. Who knows, your office could end up in the museum like Andre’ Breton’s.