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Tips on Building Happy Condo Communities

Tips on Building Happy Condo Communities

A bonded community is always the best backbone for any neighborhood. We all want to live in an area with a sense of community. It is possible to create a happy and lively condo community with a few resident events here and there.

Just like you need a willing party before hiring a chemistry tutor, you need resident involvement for condo communities to thrive. Your residents also need to know each other for the community bond to feel natural. Here are some of the ideas to build a happy condo community:

  1. Clubs

Clubs tend to bring people with similar interests together. You can go from intellectual pursuits to activities to clubs for dads or moms or even grandparents. You can create a running club that is open to everyone despite the ages. It will not only boost healthy habits to your neighborhood but also bring camaraderie.

Everyone loves a good meal right? So you having a dinner club is also a good idea. You will bring residents together for exciting meals and get them to know each other a little more. You can pick a theme and have the residents bring their favorite comfort meal occasionally. You can also host your own farm-to-table dinner. Gardening club creates a beautiful environment for residents to connect.

  1. Plan Recurring Events

You can have events like bake sales, pool parties, or volunteer events for condo communities who have families. If your condo has a resident’s pool, you can hold a party and barbecue. Kick it up a notch by hiring family-friendly entertainment that will get everyone involved. For example magicians, face painters, or even storytellers.

You can also plan board games night. This is an inexpensive and easy event to host. The only thing required is for residents to bring their own games. You can also ask the condo association to supply some games. Then get some snacks and neutral drinks to make everyone happy. You can set up a tournament and gift certificate for the winners.

  1. Field Trips

Fields trips have a way of getting people excited. It offers a nice change of routine and always creates an environment for residents to do something interesting together. Even if you condos are in the most remote areas, it can be easy to go for field trips.

You can have the residents go to minor league hockey game, college volleyball tournament, or a professional baseball game. There are many sports teams out there that offer group discounts for some tickets.

You can also plan visits to historical locations. History always brings people together and can be very fascinating. There is always something to learn. You don’t even have too big; you can just visit your local historical society and learn something of your past.

Museums are also a good option for field trips. Sports museums, art museums, aviation museums, or something unique like the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in the Niagra Falls are just some of the options you may consider for museum outings for resident events.