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Top 7 Décor Tips for Your Kitchen to Stand Out

Top 7 Décor Tips for Your Kitchen to Stand Out

The uniqueness of interior décor is in the details. It doesn’t matter if the small or big, if you have an eye for design and you fancy class, then you can transform even the smallest kitchen into a masterpiece. Unfortunately, design/ interior décor isn’t for everyone. As you look for tax help Toronto, let us throw some nifty kitchen design tips your way.

  1. Incorporate a window backsplash

We bet you’ve never thought about this, have you? Well, instead of using tiles on the backsplash, have small windows. Besides giving your kitchen a snazzy look, the window backsplashes increase the lighting in your kitchen. The only issue is that the glass could be better but, it is resistant to water and easy to clean.

  1. Open shelves

Having open shelves gives you the opportunity to display your beautiful kitchen items. It is also a practical and a cheap solution. Just choose the right spot for the kitchen shelves to display your vintage dishes.

  1. Be creative with storage space

You can use open kitchen cabinets to display your art pieces and cookbooks. You can also use transform some part of the kitchen cabinet into a wine rack. Water bottles can also take the space of wine bottles.

The storage under your island can stay open and then you can spruce it up by displaying beautiful baskets with groceries. This is a perfect idea for rustic kitchens. Finally, how about incorporating a sliding rack for spices?

  1. Incorporate some interesting pieces

Most of us confine décor or art pieces to living rooms and the study yet, the kitchen offers a perfect space for your displaying art pieces, vases, and antiques. If you are looking for a new way to enhance the appeal of your kitchen, get an interesting piece to add drama to your kitchen.

  1. Use bright area rugs

Instead of painting the cabinets in your white kitchen, use area rugs. The best part is that you can change the rugs easily giving your kitchen a new/ interesting look. You go all out, choosing brightly colored area rugs and runners.

  1. Using Multiples/ collections

For a positive visual impact, display a collection of multiple items. The items must be eye-catching and colorful. You should also consider creating a large art wall collage although a simple collection of beautiful cups of tea work too!

  1. Lighting

You need to install the latest lighting to illuminate your kitchen. Try using LED lights for food preparation, task lighting above the cooker, mood lighting for the dinner table and dimmers for easy light level adjustments.

Finally, you should use as many baskets as you can. You can also add cabinets on counter tops, have built-in cutting boards, and incorporate unique (color blocked) furniture.